2 Nov 23
Day 111 in the hole
Day 167 as a Political Prisoner

Dear Barbara,

The delay in my letters is because my persecutor sits on them for a week or two. I forgive him but I hope God judges him according to his work (Titus 4:14). Woke culture is bearing its fruit with the Hamas reaction and the sexual confusion of our children in schools. We must put a complete stop to that and other demonic policies put forth by the Biden Regime.

The fact that the new speaker won’t release the J6 tapes and supports Ukraine tells me he is part of the swamp. Still better than McCarthy. As far as WWIII, I wonder if this is the beginning of the precursor war to the Tribulation. (Ezekiel 38 & 39)

Please keep writing here until I write you and tell you they are transferring me. I know my persecutor has returned some of my mail as if I am not here. Please pray for my judges to overturn this unjust sentence. When Trump wins in 2025 we must move swiftly to restore our DoJ and other institutions. I have written President Trump and asked to serve on his J6 persecution task force. I hope he wins, but as the U. S. doesn’t feature in Revelation, we may see God act against the USA to fulfill his prophecy. I can’t control any of that, but I can pray for God to bless our nation and thwart the plans of evil men. You don’t have to send any more books and I am very thankful for the one you have sent. God bless you, your family, President Trump, and God bless America,

LTC Larry Brock
Political Prisoner
Springfield Gulag

P. S. From the second I came into this Gulag, Officer X has been persecuting me by screening all my communications. January 2025 come soon.

Larry Brock

📬 Larry Brock
MCFP Springfield
Federal Medical Center
PO Box 4000
Springfield, MO 65801

Has been serving sentence for 183 days.

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