Thank you Mr. Rivers,

Today, Nov 30th, the regional director of the BOP visited the Coleman Low compound. It was a bit of a dog and pony show, you could tell there was some anxiety on the part of the administration and staff.

I heard men got to ask some questions but I was nowhere near where the visit took place.

Mom is visiting this weekend and I’m excited to see her. The last visit got cancelled the week of Thanksgiving because the prison shut down visitation. That sucked.

The Supreme Court is taking the Obstruction of Congress charge into Conference tomorrow. With luck by Monday we will hear that they have decided to take the appeals and rule on the matter. Then we’d wait until June to see how our future appeals might be looking.

Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes, God Bless You.

Kyle Fitzsimons

Kyle Fitzsimons

📬 Kyle Fitzsimons
FCI Coleman Low
Federal Correctional Institution
PO BOX 1031
Coleman, FL 33521

🎂 9/26 🎂

Has been incarcerated for 1034 days.
including remaining serving time for 434 days.


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