Hi Lydia, 5-29-23
I hope all is well with you, I just wanted to let you know that I am now in a halfway house in Birmingham Alabama. This is about 60 miles from my home and, where my family lives. I have been here for a month now. I understood that the purpose of going to a halfway house was to resolve any issues that might cause an enmate problems when trying to put their life back together. So far, all my problems are still unaddressed. Today is 6-8-23 and I just noticed that I had not finished this letter, 2nd time. Mentally, I am really messed up. I have these problems that were created by my being arrested. Now, I am in their control and the problems are not huge, but the powers that be, with their stupid rules and regulations, are preventing me from the easy resolutions of the problems. It seems I can not buy a vehicle with (out) going through a half dozen different procedures and, then it may or may not be approved for me to buy one. They are going to tell me if I can afford to buy a vehicle. How invasive is that? You can get a petty good idea of all the personal information that (they) would want before they could make that determination. So, to try to get around their stupid, senseless rules, I am going to get a member of my family to buy a vehicle with my money, then when we go to get the tag and title, put it in my name. My family member would be selling me the vehicle. Then I would have to apply to these people to get permission to keep my vehicle here. I managed to solve one problem today. I got my drivers license renewed. If only all my other problems could be solved as quickly. I will close now. Thank you for all you do for the J6ers. May God bless and keep you.

Sincerely, Lonnie

Lonnie Coffman

📬 Lonnie Coffman
c/o Halfway House
1609 7th St North
Birmingham, AL, 35204

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Has been serving sentence for 459 days.