In the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, the Democrats resorted to lies but this is not surprising as we know it is a common practice in Congress. (Mind you, if a normal citizen were going to lie, they would be tried for perjury, but, our politicians, Democrats or Republicans, are above the law.)

Democrat Representative Diana DeGette parroted the FB-Lie’s fabricated talking point that Daniel Goodwyn is a “self-proclaimed Proud Boy” in order to attempt to create a nexus between President Donald Trump, the Proud Boys, the protest at the Capitol on January 6th, and J6er Daniel Goodwyn.

There is no such nexus since Daniel was not a Proud Boy, and still isn’t. He is merely friends with some Proud Boys and had no communications with them on or about January 6th. Apparently, according to the government, by this logic, if you post a Chick-Fil-A commercial online, that makes you a “self-proclaimed” Chicken Sandwich! If you tweet something to the President, that does not mean he is going to read it. 🙄

Daniel’s profile picture, along with many other Twitter users at the time, was Trump’s in solidarity with the Trump because Trump had been banned from Twitter following January 6th. The tweet was obviously from November before that happened. The ridiculous implication that the profile picture was an indication that Daniel considered himself something like Trump’s loyal soldier doesn’t even make any sense.

“Stand back and stand by” was obviously a joke. Her interpretation of the meme Daniel posted is a complete #BlueAnon conspiracy theory.
“He called them to arms and they were all ready to act!” – Proud Boys didn’t have arms, nor did Daniel, and Trump didn’t say anything to any of them or give them any orders.
“He stood ready as others broke into the windows” – Daniel was nowhere near when the windows were broken.

It is simply a given to these incurious political hacks that everyone who protested in DC on January 6 were “insurrectionists” – but not even one J6er has been even charged with this crime – and insurrection is an actual crime with a specific legal definition.

Consider Democrat Representative Diana DeGette’s perjurious testimony debunked!

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