Thanks for your letters. I like them. I have looked into Q before. I feel they get a lot of it right. But one thing I don’t like is that Q tells us to wait for the White Hats to save us.

But I feel if you want (to be) saved you should at least save yourself or at least try. Because if they lose then it’s the end of us.

The Great Awakening. I say if people can’t see what’s going on then don’t know if they ever will. I feel in my heart God wants us to stand up against what is wrong. Not stand by and let it happen.

Do you think they will send Trump to jail? If they do, what do you think people will do if anything? Do you think he will get back in or not?

So how have you been? I hope all is good with you. I am doing OK just the same old thing going on. I just stay to myself here. If I am lucky I’ll be out in 3 1/2 more years. It’s going to feel like a lifetime. But try not to think of it.

When I get out (I’d) love to come see you and all the good people that write me. May have to wait till I am off (probation) papor to do that. The feds may not let me leave the state. It will all work out in time till then. I am going to keep planning on my life outside of here.
Thank you
Kyle Young


Kyle Young

📬 Kyle Young
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Has been serving sentence for 304 days