Dear Lydia,
I really enjoyed the images and memes in the Spring Newsletter. I am also a closet rapper LOL. I enjoyed your song. I was reading a book of letters and poems from Tupac Shakur and I came across a poem I want to share with you. It felt like he wrote it to me personally or another J6.

Just A Breath Of Freedom
4 Nelson Mandela

Held captive 4 your politics
They wanted to break your soul
They ordered the extermination
Of all minds they couldn’t control
4 U the Fate was Far worse
Than just a brutal homicide
They caged you like an animal
and watched you slowly die inside
As U breathe your First air of Freedom
on the day you become a Free man
Raise your Regal Brow in Pride 4 now you R in God‘s hands
The life of many were given
So that the day would one day come
That the devils in Power at Pretoria
Would pay for the evil crimes they’ve done.
By Tupac Shakur

I took it out of the book and hung it in my locker. The picture of Flight Gitmo B44… Hmmmm… The first arrest will shock the world. Can I get some more popcorn please? We are getting to the good part of the movie. The best is yet to come. Nothing can stop what is coming. Where we go one we go all. God bless you and everything you do.

Your Fellow Patriot,
Doug Jenson

Douglas Jensen

📬 Douglas Jensen
FMC Fort Worth
Federal Medical Center
PO BOX 15330
Fort Worth, TX, 76119

🎂 08/7 🎂

Has been incarcerated for 930 days.
including remaining serving time for 224 days.