Lieutenant Colonel Larry Brock 

November 9th 2023 

day 109 in the hole 

day 164 as a political prisoner 

Dear Katlyn, 

 Thank you for writing me again. I liked your house concurrent resolution quite a bit. Have you actually sent it to any congressman? MTG might be good. In the Senate I would recommend Hawley. I also snickered at the mouse reference. Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw four little mouse feet in the overhead light of my cell in the hole. He was only in the light for a while, never came back. Thanks for writing to other J6’ers and for trying to help. 

Currently, they are trying to transform me to the communications management unit in the penitentiary at terre haute. They know this prison is filled with actual Islamic terrorists. Many guards here have told me they are doing this to have me “homicided by inmate” at worst and at best just to keep me in super Max for a few more months. I have asked my parents to publicize this as much as possible. All of this is the result of urging j6 Patriots to obey the code of conduct and remain loyal to the legitimate president. It is in God’s hands. this attempted move is political persecution. 

Thank you for the verses in Psalm 27; 13 through 14 I really do have no choice but to actually wait and pray. I hope a new story is forthcoming on my time in the hole would documents provided by my prosecuting officer persecuting officer, but I have no say in that matter. Please subscribe to my Twitter @LarryBrockJr. and website for the latest ( 

God bless you, your family, President Trump, and God bless America.

LTC Larry Brock

 political prisoner 

Springfield Gulag 

Larry Brock

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Has been serving sentence for 310 days.

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