I’m writing this letter to inform the people who are still remembering us. J6ers who are serving our time in prison. To the people who have not forgot about us. To the people who still care. Something as recently happened which I fear is unconstitutional. And I feel that it is my patriotic duty to speak up about this now as I fear that soon, my voice will be silenced.

A recent situation has occurred which has shed a light on a more nefarious problem. When I arrived at the prison I was designated to, I was sternly warned that if I were to speak with anyone from the media, I must first get permission from the facility before I make contact.

I recently sought permission to call into the DC vigil because this call would be live streamed. I asked my case manager for clearance to make this call. After getting the verbal OK to place the call. I did just that. Later, on the following day, I was called to the lieutenant’s office, where I was informed that I was now under investigation due to the fact that the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) called the prison and stated that I conducted an interview on a recorded line without permission, which was broadcasted along with a very false statement that it occurred within “earshot of where January 6th pretrial inmates” were located. I was then handcuffed with my hands behind my back and escorted by multiple officers and taken to the Special Housing Unit (SHU) At that time, when my case manager was asked about the conversation, he stated that he did not recall that it had happened.

After 3 days, in that hell, he came there to see me and fortunately recalled that a conversation had taken place but did not recall that I said it would be live streamed, which I 100% did. I do give him the benefit of the doubt and do not believe he has ill-will towards me. But that is not the point in all this.

The real serious issue here is that we are under scrutiny by the CTU… Our freedom of speech is being suppressed and stifled. Let that sink in for a minute… The counterterrorism unit (CTU) of the DOJ/BOP keeps us under close eye. This is the same DOJ that refuses to call dangerous cartels who are killing Americans in mass terrorists. But J6ers are despite the fact that, I for one was not charged with anything related to terrorism. The same DOJ that did next to nothing while our cities burned to the ground during the BLM/ANTIFA riots.

I truly believed that the CTU is tasked with not only silencing us and making it hard if not impossible for us to utilize our First Amendment, but to do whatever they can to try to keep us in prison at all costs all (All on the dime of the American taxpayer I might ad). Bottom line is that people with sex crimes are treated more fairly than most of us are being treated.

I had a hearing on this matter where I was immediately found guilty. My phone privileges, my visit, and my commissary has been taken for 60 days. 27 days of good time has been taken. As I am set to go back in the SHU for 21 days I am being punished for following the rules at best and at worst, I am being unfairly targeted by the CTU for my political views. I feel that we all are.

We The people need to find out why this is allowed to happen. Would a FOIA request show why and just how unconstitutional the conversation was that ordered the CTU to scrutinize us? I believe it would.

I fear that with the J6ers will face some dark times ahead, while in the BOP. My only question now to the DOJ is this: Are we the J6ers more or less of a threat than mothers and fathers that care and are concerned about their children’s education?

May God bless the USA and may the USA Bless God.

Political Prisoner. Barry Ramey.

Barry Ramey

📬 Barry Ramey
FCI Miami
Federal Correctional Institution
PO BOX 779800
Miami, FL 33177

🎂 10/26 🎂

Has been incarcerated for 586 days.
including remaining serving time for 122 days.

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