Kyle Fitzsimons 

August the 10th 2023 

dearest Michelle,

 howdy from the DC Gulag! Apologies for not reaching out lately. I think I’ve suffered from ‘grief overload”. I really just wanted to shut down socially. It was tough to just basically see my entire life scrapheaped and it’ll still be some years before I can attempt to rebuild. I was sentenced to 7 years – very biblical feel to that number. With good time, 30 month served, programming and halfway house, I am almost (maybe) midway through my time inside. We are hearing the men are not being warehouse by the bureau of prisoners anywhere near where they should be. Kelly Meggs was supposed to head to Florida but is in Philadelphia, Stuart Rhodes is in Maryland when he was headed to Texas, James McGrew is in Allentown PA when he was headed to Mississippi… this really is alarming for me now that I’m homeless as I really think getting kicked around the country my entire life would be pretty terrible.

 I’m trying to land in Florida where my parents live, hoping for Coleman fci. My daughter Holly just had a birthday party – it was held at the beach, a mermaid / rainbow party. I got her a story book about Noah’s ark and the rainbow, that’s a good one to start kids on. 

Michelle, I am still hung up over what to tell her when she asked where I am. She is so bright, she needs something that will satisfy her curiosity. I’m trying to write her a fairy tale that is fun for a little one but becomes more profound as an age of understanding is reached. Something that rhymes with my experience. I really don’t want to explain too much and hope plenty of folks like you can fill her in on all that has happened.

 With Trump himself now a j6 defendant we are hoping more comes out about that day in the 2020 election. In my case more video has been made public which calls into question testimony given at my trial. I have hope for my appeal. Right now the proud boys are housed with us awaiting their sentences. With the DOJ swinging for the fences I expect they’ll be handled as roughly as the Oath keepers were. All this as more and more Biden family corruption comes out. Are we headed for an impeachment yet? Michelle, thank you for all the letters you wrote to me and the other men going through this. I’m shipping out of here real soon, maybe just hours away from departure. I wanted to reach out a last time from here to say how it meant a great deal to hear from folks like You on the outside. Thank you for your care. 

As they come for your light bulbs, gas stoves, gasoline vehicles, remember 


God bless you and God bless the United States of AMERICA. When I get some place more permanent I’ll drop you a line. 

Kyle Fitzsimons 

from the cells of the DC DOC 

Kyle Fitzsimons

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