Aug. 31, 2023

Hello, and thank you for your letter(s)! This new place is certainly horrible. It is one of the most violent and dangerous prisons in the United States, and possibly anywhere. It’s not a good place to be, and it’s possible that I’ll never leave here alive, especially considering that I’m only 2 1/2 years into my 14 yrs, 2 mo sentence, as of today, (July 19th), which is my 50th birthday. I’m lucky to have made it this long!

It’s a national disgrace that my life has been discarded in this flippant fashion, especially considering the fact that I’m innocent of everything I’ve been charged with and wrongfully convicted of. God has forgiven me of the many things I HAVE done wrong throughout my life, so it highlights the evil of this regime that they are so thirsty to punish me for that which I haven’t even done! The evil Judge Mehta made it clear, at my sentencing, that the reason he gave me so much time is because I spoke out publicly so frequently. He knows I’m innocent of the false charges against me. He made it clear that he knew too. But, in true fashion of all tyrants – he doesn’t want me to speak truth of any kind. These people exalt themselves as higher than God, and their courts and their stolen Capitol building are their sanctuaries. I often wondered throughout my years of studying the Bible; who REALLY thinks that they are higher than God, who created all things…including the air they breathe, and the lungs they breathe it with…?!? Like when, as the Bible prophesied, the people try and fight God, (Armageddon)…?!? Who could be that arrogant, foolish, and… evil?!? But, as I was hauled out of that court room that day: I knew.

The power-hungry Judicial Branch of our Gov’t has gone rogue and is drunk on its own power! Have you ever wondered why an unelected branch of Gov’t is making every decision there is regarding our lives? Abortion. Gun control. Religion. Who can and can’t go to college…and yes…even elections!

These decisions aren’t theirs to make. We didn’t elect the Supreme Court. And anyhow, wisely, Section 1, Article 1 of our Constitution says all legislative power goes to Congress, who govern by the will of We the People.

These evil Judges use “caselaw” as their ultimate authority. Not the Constitution. I’m certainly not God‘s Law. They mask their subversion from their constitutional oath they take by referring to themselves as having either; a) an “original intent” view of the Constitution, or b) a “living document” view of the Constitution, (which is legalese for saying that their loyalty is to the Supreme Court, a.k.a. themselves, and not our Constitution). And we’ve accepted their evils progressively, as they bend laws and gain power with every “justifiable” excuse they make! Do you think it was “justified” to give Al Capone a life sentence for tax evasion because they couldn’t prove anything else? Do you think it’s OK that felons lose Constitutional Rights, (such as the 2nd Amendment), but are still required to pay full taxes? (P.S. – everything’s a felony now. Driving w/o a license, missed child support payments, etc. but the loss of Constitutional Rights is a life sentence.)

“If MY PEOPLE who are called by MY NAME…” II Chronicles 7:14. That Scripture isn’t talking to those evil Judges. It’s talking to US!! You and me!! The “Conservative Movement” doesn’t stand for anything. They simply hang from the coattails of the evil left, and go over the cliff second. They consider LESS abortion a win. They don’t fight for Christianity. They’re simply content to exclude ALL religion if Christianity gets excluded. Let’s all start making convicted, unwavering stances!

Bibles belong in schools. We shouldn’t pay more taxes to Gov’t than what God asks in tithes. Marriage is between a man and a woman, ONLY. We’re not a nation of “religious freedom “. We are a Christian nation! Let’s all start acting like we would if it were Judgment Day!!
God Bless,
Pete Schwartz
P.S. pray for me. Almost all “supporters” abandoned me when they heard the length of my sentence. I’m not even sure how I’ll finance my appeals now.

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Peter Schwartz

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Has been incarcerated for 961 days.
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