Pam & Family

Thank you for writing.

Update:  I’m going to change attorney’s this Friday if my guys don’t show this week.  There is no information or progress reports from these guys.

I’ve been cut off from Patriot Freedom Project (PFP).  The won’t fund another set of attorneys.

I’m gathering my forces & consolidating my family to fund this new guy.  We’ll know by Fri.

I was pulled aside by staff here.  Two clowns from the Intelligence Dept. took me to a remote location w/a posted “look out,” into a dimly litt room.  Started questioning me about my legal visit & who the woman was, he brought.  K.G.B. style Level III S.E.R.E school interrogation tactics! <angry face drawing>  These fuckers are using intimidation isolation, interrogation to force information out of me.

I’m not signing anything, nor taking paperwork.  Where is my, legal, HELP?

I wrote & posted & did oral interviews w/Cowboy Logic, Gateway Pundit, Sovern Times & that sent this place into a tailspin.  Their currently deciding what to do w/me.  Of course they’ll report my behavior to the courts.  WHERE IS THE HELP?

OK Done venting

I want to thank you for your warm letter.

Next letter I’ll write a short story.

Jeff McKellop

Political Prisoner

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<Better A <to> die

On you<r> feet

Than to live on

You<r> knees!

Jeffrey McKellop

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