Merry Christmas! … Happy New Year!

Thank you for the letter! Your act of solitary brings myself and the other Rescuers great comfort and joy.

The latest update for my case is that on May 14th I will be taken for sentencing. That means by then I will have been incarcerated for 9 months. Yes this is a long and unusual stretch of time between my unjust conviction and sentencing but! it is important to note that every person who chooses life must also make a 9 month sacrifice of time, comforts and safety.

I am willing to be in radical solitary with both mother and child to physically express people in the womb’s inherent right to exist. With that in mind I view my time here with hope and joy!

You can learn more about my case here: (
Info about efforts to repeal the FACE Act: (

Please know you are in my prayers and heart! Working towards PreBorn Liberation,
Lauren Handy

Written on back of envelope: Philippians 1:3-7

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