Dear Barbara,

Thank you for the very nice article about YHWH, I have heard that before. There’s a good book I read called “Whisper – How to Hear the Voice of God by Mark Batterson”. His ministry is here in DC. I’ve wished and prayed for the same thing you have, for everyone in here to be saved; I even held a Bible study daily for the longest…unfortunately, it’s not the case. Even more disturbingly, some in here are pretending to be Christian to take advantage of good hearted Americans and scam them out of fundraising donations – more on that after my sentencing. My sentencing was supposed to be on December 13, but they pushed it back to January 13, like they always do.

I’m sorry to hear about Hawaii. I love tropical places – haven’t been there yet though (just Bermuda and the Bahamas). I totally believe God is in control. Still, believers have to be bold in the face of this tyranny. “For God gave us a spirit not a fear but of power and love and self-control“. 2 Timothy 1:7. I checked the notes just to make sure I wasn’t using that out of context and the notes said: “The Greek (deilia – fear) an extra biblical literature refers to one who flees from battle, and has a strong pejorative sense referring to cowardice. Boldness, not cowardice, is a mark of the Spirit (see Prov. 28:1, Acts 4:31).

The majority of churches, priests and pastors, went along with the Covid narrative and willingly closed churches down. While we were still able to sit elbow to elbow on airplanes… And we wonder why more people died of suicide than Covid.

I hope the Lord blesses you and your family with the gift of his perfect peace this Christmas and a sense of his presence in your heart every day. Keep praying for your kids to invite Jesus Christ into their hearts as I will, nothing is impossible for the Holy Spirit. May his light guide you to a new year bright with Hope.




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