Hi Barbara!

Thank you so much for your letter! I appreciate your prayers and you taking the time to write me. I was originally arrested on Feb 25, 2021. I spent 2 months in the DC Gulag and was then released on bond. I was on a GPS ankle monitor and a very strict schedule for over 10 months until my bond was revoked because I committed the terrible sin of speaking to my wife. The prosecution labeled my wife a “witness” in my case and the judge set, as a condition of my bond, a rule that I couldn’t talk to her. So now I’ve been incarcerated for a total of 10.5 months. I have 0 violent charges and 0 destructive charges. The worst charge I have is the felony obstruction. I pleaded guilty to the charge 2 months ago, then found out I was assigned a new judge who did not accept my plea deal. Judge Nichols doesn’t think my actions that day meet the threshold of what would make me guilty. My case was stayed and what happens next depends on what the SCOTUS ends up determining about the obstruction charge. What frustrates and confuses me is why on earth I’m still in jail… There have been two others I know of who pleaded to the same charge and we’re sitting to 8 and 9 months respectively. My new judge told my lawyer to file a motion for my release, but that was a month ago. I haven’t heard anything from my attorney since.
I don’t know what my next move should be, but I do know that I’m totally unhappy with my lawyer.

Since my arrest I’ve lost everything I owned. I lost my wife and my best friend who is now with my wife… I’m having to completely start from scratch once I’m finally released. My mother came out of retirement and is working two part-time jobs just to pay my truck payment (the only thing I have left) and send me a little money for phone time so I can call her and my 9-year-old daughter. I finally convinced her to start a Give, Send, Go campaign. It was launched about a month ago. We’re simply trying to raise enough money to help enroll me in driving school so I can obtain my CDL. I can’t go back to the two jobs I had before I was arrested, so I must start a new career path. Truck driving is what I’ve decided I want to do.

If you or anyone in your congregation are able, or are so inclined, my GSG is listed under my mothers name, Angela Norwood. I think it says “Please help me help my son.” If you can’t give, that’s perfectly fine as well. I would ask that maybe you can find the GSG page and share among any networks of patriots who may be willing & able to help. If you can’t do any of that, then please continue to pray for me and all the other J6 political prisoners. Thank you again for everything!

In His Grip,
William Norwood

PS My mother’s number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and her mailing address is XXX. She’s off on Tuesdays and Thursdays should you wish to call her regarding any information or updates on my situation.

Thank you!


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