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August 17, 2023

Dear Barbara,

I just received your latest letter. As always, thank you for writing to me again. Yes. I do have a tendency to write long letters. It seems at times that once I get started writing it is hard to stop. There’s so much to say, especially about politics and the current state of many issues in our country. I too wish I were going to be out by Christmas. This will be my third one spent in lock up. But unfortunately I will still be here. And yes, I have much to do once I am released. I will be 41 years old, a month from 42 I leave this prison to go to the halfway house in March. So once I make it home, by what I assume will be late spring/early summer of 2024, I will be in my early 40s trying to completely start my life over again. I am certain it will be quite the uphill climb.

Happy to hear that your Vermont trip was wonderful. Shame to hear of your baggage situation, but glad you were able to get them back.

Thank you for the new book suggestion. I am compiling these suggestions and will try and acquire the books upon release.

The Biden situation, especially when stacked up next to all they are doing to Trump is unfathomable! There is truly an uneven system of justice in this country. I still believe very much in President Trump however, I feel he will ultimately prevail. I have always believed President Trump was chosen by God. It is my firm belief that we are in the midst of a new Civil War. A war that is heating up and escalating exponentially with each passing day. Yes, the FBI (and the DOJ and IRS and Homeland Security, etc.) are completely out of control. Drastic changes have to come to this country and it has to come soon! I can feel, especially in the letters that I received from great Patriots, that millions across the US are getting angrier and angrier with the federal government. With the illegitimate Biden “administration “and with the biased, unfair way we are all treated by the corrupt party in power and they’re morally bankrupt lapdogs in the media. A boil can only get to a certain level of intensity before it completely boils over. We all know that the indictments against Trump are BS. The election was stolen, there is literally mountains of evidence to prove it. All of this has only two objectives. One, to keep Trump out of the White House and two, to distract from all the info finally coming out about the Bidens. Info that those of us who were watching real news (OANN, Newsmax) 3 years ago have known all along. I pray God intervenes in all of this soon.

I will close for now, but look forward to hearing from you again soon. Until then may the Good Lord bless and keep you.

Joshua Dylan Haynes

P.S. Love the quotes in these letters, great picks!

Joshua Haynes

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