Dear LYDIA, ‘✝️’
Thanks for writing me in Oct. ‘21 when I was at home. Today is Friday, August 4, 2023, and I’m in prison until before the end of the month. 2–month sentence. There are 3️⃣other J6 or in this prison here. FCI Bastrop, Texas:
1 –Roberto Minuta – 50+ months
2 –Grady Owens – 30+ months
3 –Geoff Shough – 6 months
Let’s go Brandon!

God is stronger, we will win in the end.
I think some ways to encourage us is to write us and get the contact info to us to send mail, email, and phone calls. Also share
3 pictures
3 Scriptures
3 things about yourself
3 satire Babylon Bee headlines
3 J6 News story headlines
3 General news story headlines
3 jokes
3 trivia facts

I don’t need any more but other J6rs could use money for commissary. If you want to help me out, you can via my GiveSendGo.
The most important calls to action are at – spread the links, and watch the documentaries:
Righting History 2021
Bloody Hill 2022
True Timeline 2023(soon)
– (
J6 —

Daniel Goodwyn

📬 Daniel Goodwyn
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🎂 11/18 🎂

Finished serving & released since 8/25/2023 .

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