FEB 12 2024

I watched a commercial with that guy, “Jelly Donut, Jelly Fish, Jelly sandwich,,, ” He was discussing the rising issue with “Homeless Veterans” across America. I’m going to call him when I get out, If I make it out alive. I figure my kids can come see me in one of those, “Tiny Homes.” We can pack every one in that 98sqft home. It’ll be tight at first, but if every one turns to the left or right making their body flat? We can do it! 🙂 Thanks Giving will be a trick.
I sent a letter to Carl J. Nichols(my judge) explaining how I’m not staying silent any more. I need to speak with open source media before they move me to another facility.
I went on to explain, due to both his actions and Jeffery Johanas(Under Cover Agent, IF in fact that’s not a pseudonym)of the FBI. Together both of those fools made me a homeless Vet. I Begged and Pleaded to be released for two weeks to secure my things. Nope! “Because of Mr. Mckellop’s training? IF we let him out, he’ll Hurt more people, He’ll kill people,” Bond denied. ( There were more things said to deface my credibility) I guess they can say what ever comes to their minds w/o repercussions?) Yet we have Illegal immagrants running straight Rogue! Millions crossing the boarder illegaly and nothing is done. Yet! I’m the worst thing this country has ever seen? I don’t see what I write or say could make this worse?
My first attorney: Seth Peritz. ” Jeff you’ll be out in a couple of weeks or a month. No issue. Just take care of your finances. You’ll do fine.” That was three years ago!!
I was told to stay home until the Fascist Bureau of Intimidation called me. I staid home for a month an half. Waiting. I could’ve saved my home, and all my belongings. I staid there waiting for them to crash my home! They waited until I was locked in the Gulag to smash my home and crush my life history! Allowing all those Clowns at the construction site to view the spectical! Like roaches! They moved in and moved me out!
How much longer before it becomes time served? Or do I just wait here until my life expires? They can actualy say in open court: “See we told you, we didn’t give him the death penalty. It’s all his doing.”
#215 on FBI’s most wanted. Because of a government set up………..

Jeff McKellop

Political Prisoner

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 1064 days.

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