Jeff McKellop

FMC Fort Worth, TX

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Man running around knowingly, performing 21 different felony’s and crimes in the NY area.  Let out time and time again on good behavior, because he was misunderstood, or it’s profiling.  Moves onto murder sitting law enforcement officer.  What’s happens now? Will he get a cell phone and release on bond?  Doesn’t appear to be a flight risk or anything. Maybe he was on his way to college classes, after teaching piano lessons at the local church?  The media will print up photos of him when he was ten.

  Not me.  First offence ever, lost everything I’ve ever owned. Labeled a flight risk, bond denied.

“It doesn’t matter what any one says. He’s not going any where.  “Worst thing this country’s ever seen.  Because of Mr. Mckellop’s training?  If we let Mr. Mckellop out?  He’ll Hurt people, He’ll kill. 

  Bond Denied!”  Honorable Judge Carl J. Nichols.

  I’m going in for another status hearing.  Getting rid of this douche bag Michael Lawlor and his life partner, Adam. 

  Seems these clowns are stone walling any and all information I’m asking them to view.  

  How is it?  These fools call them selves Americans?  

  My man, Lawlor is waiting me out to take a crappy plea deal.   He said it from the start. “Jeff. Are you willing to take a plea deal?  Uh, because, uh, well, I’m doing all I can to help you.”

 I refuse to bend the knee to this clown show we have going on.  

 This administration has used Level Three Interrogation Tactics against me. They’ve tried to; Force, Press, Intimidate me into signing and taking paper work against my will.  I’ve brought this up every time it’s happen.  I get nothing from my attorney’s.  Kiyonaga: ” Well Jeff, How’s it going?  You look good, how’s the family. We’ll talk about that later. Lets move onto this plea deal.”

  Bright Linder and Shipley: “Hey Jeff, lets look at this review that was read to you when you first came here. Look how good it is. This is wonderful news.  Wanna take a plea deal?”

  20-50 years when fully convicted!  

  Maybe I should’ve been a career criminal?  That way I know I’ll be back out on the street with in a couple of months.  I would’ve still had my home and belongings.  

Jeff Mckellop

Political Prisoner

Homeless Vet

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 1127 days.

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