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First:  I named my Pillow, “Steve.”

  Did you see our illustrious leader taking questions in a press conference?  He was reading the, “Prompt Cards” of their entirety. “Uh, read, and ask questions from the third person reading stuff, and uh, well, read the third person this questions.”  Then walking out with the Prime Minister of Japan.  Standing there with his “Handler” Jill, Looking to his right for support and comfort knowing that the Minister was suppose to be there. When he wasn’t there?  He had no idea what to do.  Those are pre practiced actions of a Five Year old practicing for the school play.  Walking down the steps was a side show in it self.  You can see the white knuckle grip his handler had?  OMG!  He looked like he was about to fall with out his handler. His right hand was at a exaggerated flex!  He was concentrating so hard not to fall!  You could see it in his face and hand.

Watch his movements.  He’s completely lost!  It’s an all out effort to get him to move from once location to another.  IT’s a team effort.  He’s reduced to a five year old.

   My meeting yesterday(Status Hearing). I went soft on Lawlor(my old attorney, douche bag).  I told the court, “This is a utter complete failure in communications.”  But he knew I was about to lay it down. 

 I pulled the judge into a Super secret dome of silence, to have a break dace fight.  I called him out to “Pop and Lock.”

“What’s you be gotten fool?”  

   There’s so much to tell.  How do you do it in a few moments? 

   I tried to explain with out tipping my hand, but I can’t do it. I don’t know how, but to expose the actions and attitude of the DC CTF, Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police Department.  I wanted to go into names and locations, actions. 

   I tried to explain the actions of the US Marshals trying to, Force, Press, and intimidate me into signing, taking, documentation against my will, Solitary confinement, forced labor to make the cell block look new when MTG, Gomer, and the others came to see us.  These you know are just a couple of things.  On an on an on.  

  I did the best I could w/o loosing it. Counselor Cruz was a supportive effort in the room, by throwing items he found around the office at me to keep me calm.  He’s a good man, and “one” that’s been helping me here.  This Bio-Experiment.  

   I want every one to know.  I thank you so very much for your assistance.  Words completely fall short(like walking down steps of Air Force One),to the efforts and actions of true, Christian, Americans.  I’d do the whole, Blood Brother thing, but, it hurts to much to draw my own blood. 🙁   So I’ll send a memo. 🙂

  How much longer people!   How much more will you take!  

  Stay Motivated!

  Here comes the wave. 

What will you do when you see the water receding, exposing the rock and sand?  It’ll happen so fast, you wont have time to run, before the speed of our Creator’s sweeping hand and arm, like wiping off a table of dishes. 

  What will you do when they come for you?

Jeff Mckellop

Political Prisoner

Homeless Vet

( I say that because, I’m going to see what it’s like to stand in the intersection with my cardboard sign. “Will work for food.”  “Why lie, I just need a beer.”)

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 1127 days.

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