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  Off the top, I sent a memo just a minute ago.  I didn’t get a chance to post any words. check for spelling… Sorry:(

Every one knows my sob story!  Every one know how I grew up in poverty to, Hippie, Stoner, Biker, parents from the 60’s.

 Every one knows the mumbling and bumbling of my child hood.  Until the day I watched that video at the Recruiter’s Office.

 Hard core Rangers paddling down the Yellow River in Florida.  All Bad A$$, All Hard!

  I knew what I wanted to be.  I knew what I needed to do.  

To all my Veteran’s out there!  I stand correct, and render a rigid salute to you!  

To all the survivor’s out there who took the near side ambush in the hills of Tora Bora.  To the men and women who smashed in their doors and kicked that booger eater in the face!  Grabbed them by the hair and asked where the hostage’s are!

 Too all my Special Forces bro’s who walked the mean streets of Mosul, Talafar, Baghdad, Kirkuk, Falusa(spell), Hellman, Herat, Gardez, Kabul, on an on.  I walk the mile of fire to stand next to you bro’s! If I could do it again?  I’d go harder!

 Too my fallen brothers out there still on the hill fighting the good fight!  I cried at your funerals.  There was no measure to how fast and hard we brought the fight to their door step! 

We Put a boot to their face looking for the WMD’s. We burned their homes to the dirt, and smoked another cigarette while their women cried. We watched star cruisers burn off the coast of Orion. They scream for mercy when there was none to give.  I don’t care!  Pain is all they know.  Too you my friends!

 Too you brothers!  I cry typing these words.  Paul Sweeny, Dave Hurt, Lonnie Snep, I love you, and will never forget your names.

  I was called by a brother to stand on the objective of J6! 

  Once again looking for skinny jean wearing punks burning my flag. Little did I know I was caught up in the largest scam this country has ever seen.  

  I was left on the objective to fight alone.  I still wait for the truck to save me. Help me!  

  My terminating long wire is out, My loop back is good, my message is sent.  I need a reply. Waiting….

  I named the names of MPD officers involved with the cover up, Thau, Tindal,Horos, Bagshaw, Augustine, Edwards, Riely, Smith, Hawkings, Harding, lynn, Petera, Morris, Powell, Hodges, Fenonne, Dunn, on and on.  No one is looking at the memo’s.  No one is looking at the evidence!  My legal teams suck a mean one!  They just want me to take a Plea deal to be done with it. Wash their hands of the issues.  No one is there for me after 30years of service.  I’ve been lied to the entire time. No one tells the truth any more, yet expect me to come forward and be honest. I’ve told the truth, and found the evidence of cover up to the Nth degree.  No one looks at the evidence!  Just mock me and my efforts. I’m being called a Terrorist, Insurgent, Communist, Marxist.  These people can’t even spell these words. All the while mean mugging me and put me back in a hole. My “Legal Team”, Jeff this is a good deal. Take the 8-10 years. Don’t worry about the judge having the option to give you more than 10-15?  But he wont because the judge is a good man.” Really?

 Who will stand?  What will you do when they come for you? What will you do when the lie is at your door step? Who will stand with me? When I need you the most.

  I’ve seen my children twice in almost three years.  That’s four hours in almost three years.  We spent most the time crying. 

   It’s better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees!

Jeff Mckellop 35220-509

Political Prisoner

Jeffrey McKellop

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P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 963 days.

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