Today marks the 1019th Day of Terror of the Biden regime’s pogrom against January 6th protestors and MAGA supporters

Over 2.5 years later, the DOJ and the FBI continue to search for and aggressively arrest citizens who were present at the Capitol on that fateful day. The cost that day, in lives lost (4), in indicted defendants (1186 and counting), in families destroyed, childhoods disrupted and traumatized, businesses and homes lost… there are simply no words to describe the immense and willful collateral damage this political charade has inflicted on innocents, who were not even present that day.

But what of those who witness this destruction and collateral damage, and simply refuse to turn away from the horror show? How are those who commit themselves to be the good Samaritans that the times demand, deal with this constant exposure to these deep emotions and sometimes even physical distress of friends, acquaintances and strangers? How are They to process the sorrow and distress they see at hands reach each day, as they struggle to keep these innocents whole through this nightmare?

In short, “Who supports the supporters” ?

I have watched, amazed, as ordinary Americans became extraordinary Patriots when called to the task:, by God , by conscience, by patriotism.. their paths are varied, but the response was the same … they all Answered when they were Called. I can attest from observation and experience that there is often a true cost to this effort; lost friends and family, jobs and social contacts cut off abruptly, criticized and ostracized…let’s face it, there are some who are unable to see this humanity in need of succor, that the mainstream media will never discuss.

And so it falls to a few brave souls, ordinary citizens turned warriors, who openly empathize, loudly speak out, directly support, fund raise, organize, broadcast and decry the lies, all while demanding the Truth. It’s these sometimes unsung and unseen few who often cannot lay their heads in rest at night because there is someone in need in their thoughts. A person or family in distress who needs the support of another. They are ever present, though absent: intruding into sleep, family time and just normal life in general.

Why do they do it? What possible reason could someone have to willingly take on the concerns and burdens of others, sometimes people they’ve never met or known?

Is it Patriotism because the causation of all this distress is so blatantly political? Is it Altruism because they just want to be helpful to others? Is it Religious because they believe in the commandments and scriptures?

What is it that makes them go back day after day?

In season 3 of the original Star Trek series (giving away my age) was an episode called “The Empath”. In it, Capt Kirk and Dr McCoy are repeatedly tortured in front of an empath who can heal them, but only by taking on the injuries onto her own body… the TEST was to see if her species would willingly sacrifice itself, even unto death, for the good of another. If she passed the TEST, her planet and species would be saved by the aliens.

This is Our “TEST” at this time, and I am struck dumb, witnessing these few men and women throwing themselves, their livelihoods and their treasure, selflessly, into a battle whose outcome is fraught with threats, sorrow, loss and uncertainty. And yet, they rise each day, swallow the distress of the previous day’s battles, and stride to the frontlines again, and again, and again! Heroes is a label that comes to mind.. but, Angels is what those who are served by their grace and efforts name them…

How will YOU answer the TEST? Can you empathize with another’s persecution and come to their aid? Can you speak comforting words through missives to those unjustly imprisoned? Can you hold a family’s hand on lonely vigils and support them through their loss?

Can YOU be an ANGEL?

Can you ANSWER the CALL?


Only you hold the answers…