Yes, believe it or not, J6ers have birthdays. Though it may seem strange to wish a HAPPY birthday to someone who is incarcerated, it is a way to tell them they are not forgotten.

These birthdays may be belated, but better than never as the saying goes. Send them a card or the photocopy of a card (follow jail rules) and give them some joy in the midst of their unjust suffering.

We hope this helps.

See addresse @ Patriot Mail Project or filterable list.

Birthdays up to October 17

Name Date
Jeremy Brown October 1
Marc Bru October 2
Christopher Maurer October 3
Rusell Alford October 4
Traci Sunstrum October 6
Richard Harris October 7
Paul Johnson October 9
Rasha Abualragheb October 9
Isaac Sturgeon October 11
Zachary Alam October 13
David Moerschel October 13
Guy Reffitt October 15
Jorden Mink October 15
Dan Wilson October 17

And below are the coming birthdays for this month.

Birthdays from October 18 to October 31

Name Date
Isaac Thomas October 19
Jay Johnson October 22
Barry Ramey October 26
Mason Courson October 27
Paul Rae October 30

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