As stated before.  I’ve watched thousands of hours of video.  How do I know all these names?  How do I know these things?

 I watched. On Video.

 Thau, Tindal, Crisman, Horos, Bagshaw, Augustine, Edwards, Riley, Allen, Smith, Lambardini, Smiley, Lynn, Peterra and a few others.  Beat and stomp innocent people into the dirt.   This is all on their body cameras.  All of it. 

  When I was receiving mail from Christian American’s.  I started to respond with this information.  I named, MPD, Capitol Police, DC,CTF personnel, and others responsible for my treatment and abuse of power.  Names, Body Camera #’s, Actions, and locations.   That got me the FBI sent to my jail cell.


  District Of Columbia Central Treatment Facility: (DC CTF)

 —  Sorry I have to back track a moment. —

America’s Most Wanted #215. Turned my self in.

   I had a home of ten years, Supporting Job, two dogs, garden and good neighbors. 

 I’ve never been arrested and found a scum bag lawyer to help me out. Seth Peritz 703-447-8776

  “Stay home Jeff, take care of your finances, we’ll get you out on bond in a month. I just need 15 Thousand to get going.” 

What does, “Take care of your finances” mean?  Am I to sell my home, or rent it out?  What’s going to happen?

  I staid home for a month and half.

  Seth called me, told me to report to FBI HQ.  That was the last day I saw my home, 2019 Four Runner, Clothes, Bicycle, Hunting/Fishing gear, plants, money, accounts, all of my shit that I collected from over seas, all my military equipment and memorabilia.  —Everything I’ve ever had is gone.——  Every thing I’ve ever collected and acquired my entire life!!  Gone!

  As I laid up in the darkest corner of hell. With the guards taking turns looking through my cell window. Mean mugging me, giving me the finger, I could hear them talking shit around the corner. “He be Trumper, He be white, I hate this white mother fucker, Shit, he be white I don’t care what happens to this fuck!”

   The FBI raided my home any way. Jeffery Johana’s of the FBI, Under Cover Agent of the FBI.

    –I gave them the keys and garage door opener.–

  When I was notified I wasn’t coming home any more?  Thank you, Hon. Carl J. Nichols. 

  Fast forward:

   I was sent to a f#cking complete, Race Hate, Radical Islamic, Extreme Fascist, Communist, Mad House. “DC CTF.”

  Before I was sent to my cell?  I was greeted by some professional individuals.

  I was prepped by the down stairs IN processing teams.  Had my rectum finger blasted, stripped of my clothes, and moved.

  Lt Bruce, McDade(with his beat down gloves on) and her douche bag employee’s. ” He be here, you cuff him, and take white supremist to the block C2B,  He be done here.”

  The treatment started with these fools.  The employee’s specialized in abuse.  (I’ve written countless Grievances were denied, never went forward to be acted upon.)

  Like I’ve stated many times before.  I’ve been called:  White Boy, Honky, Cracker, White Mother Fucker, Trumper, Insurgent, Insurrectionist, Cock sucker, and some more.  Anything but my name, until I had to go to trial or attorney visit.

 There’s a news paper that circulates through the entire facility.  “Final Call” By Luis Farrakhan.  Known Radical Islamist, Anti-Semite, Anti-American, Radical Black Panther, White hate promoter.”  

  His paper runs through the facility weekly.  I tried to explain this to John Kiyonaga, September 10,2021. Criterion Pt. 1-2.  “All white people needed to be treated like dogs, hogs, and beasts.”  

Fast forward:

  I spent a total of Six months in the “Hole” (South One). I spent 14 day intervals in COVID 24/7 lock down without a test. 

  1) I spent one month in the hole for a charge, “Assaulting Forward.”  (No idea what that means.)  But they accused me of Assault. 

   Fecal matter left to dry on the floor, Black mold coming from the air vent. Shower once very three days, then four days, then seven days.

  In my cell for three weeks when a US Marshall appeared. Bald, morbidly obese man.  “Why are you in here?”  I don’t know.  He stood there starting at me for a minute. I thought he was retarded, and about to drool on the window- “I’ll go check.”  He came back a week later.   “I found out why you’re here. You assaulted people.”  I demanded the video, areal video, sworn statements of the inmates as well as the guards.  “Uh, I’ll be back.”  He never came back. 

  2) After about two months.  I was on the phone with John Kiyonaga ### ### ####.  The same Marshalls walked into the cell block.  I told Kiyonaga about the incident and he didn’t do a dam thing about it. I informed John that the two marshals were standing in the cell block.   I called the Marshalls over to speak with my attorney on the phone, explain why I went to solitary confinement. They didn’t make a statement.  My shit bag attorney didn’t even look into the matter. He quit answering the phone.  When he came to see me?  “Jeff, where’ve you been?  You don’t call any more. How’s things going?  Heard from your family? I have this plea deal I would like you to look at.”

  3) When it was time to go to trial?  The facility couldn’t find me. Canceled the Trial. Couldn’t find me for attorney visits as well. 

    John k. hadn’t looked at any evidence. I asked about that as well.  “You can’t blame that on me. You shouldn’t have gone to J6.” We were going to trial in three weeks.

  4) Officers: Marr, Tally, Landerkin, Lancaster, Bruce, Howser, Franklin, Deal, Dillon, Mc Dade, Allen, smith.  Are responsible for mace the crap out of us, taking people to the hole, intercepting mail, canceling phone calls, destroying personal property, physical and psychological abuse.

  One afternoon:  

 Bryan Mock. Forced him to defend himself. Got into a argument about staff taking legal papers out of his cell. 

   Lt Bruce and Pittman pulled out mace, and started spraying with out warning. They chased him up the steps and around the cell block, spraying mace as they went.  Coating the entire cell block in spray.  Every one retreated to their cells.

   Lonnie (70 y/o) passed out, Dan Caldwell was having breathing issues and out cold on his cell floor.  The guard on duty had to leave.  Seven ERT came into the block and had to exit.  We all wrote grievances up but nothing happen.  They came back in a couple of days and paraded around the cell block with arrogance. Boasting about their actions. I wrote Grievances about the issue.

   Banging on my cell door at all hours of the night.  Leaving people locked up for days on end for no reason. Little food, with no Nutritional Value.

5)   Pulled out of my cell one night for medical.  2230. Officers CPT Saunders, Deal, Pinky, and McDade.

  Took me to a open mess hall.  I asked where I was going and what was I doing in the Mess Hall?  ‘I uh, don’t know.”

We sat there for a half an hour. I thought for sure this is where I get killed.  All at once, “Get up we is go back.”  When I returned.  Half my legal material was missing.  I told Kiyonaga about it.  Nothing done. 

 6)  Pulled out of my cell 2115 for psychological testing.  They said I was Suicidal.  Lt Munoz and Cpl. Howser.  “I understand you want to hurt your self, or some one else?”  Who told you that?  “I don’t know.”  Then why are you taking me to medical? “Because I was told to do it.”  By who?  “I don’t know.  Lets go.”  -At Medical- 

  I asked the doctor for his name.  Nothing. 

Why am I here? “I understand you want to hurt your self or some one else?”  Where did you get this information?  “I don’t know.”  Then why am I here? Who told you this? “I don’t know.” Can I go back?  I told Kiyonaga they were trying to build a file on me. Their targeting me for something.

7) Pulled out for Suicide watch again. This time to a small room. Asked the same questions. Returned to my room.

8) CPT Saunders: Tried to write me up for a, Disciplinary Report. “I told Mckellop to put mask on. He be saying, awe f#ck it black girl and left.”  

   I was sent to 24/7 lock down for two weeks.  I requested for months for a copy of the report.  They couldn’t find it any more.  Told Kiyonaga. Nothing. 

9) I had an abscess tooth.  Six weeks I spent with a bad tooth. My face was huge!  I begged for dental.  Nothing.  I begged for a broad spectrum antibiotic to kill the infection.  Nothing for two more weeks. Then all at once.  I almost started crying the pain was so bad.  I jammed a staple into the Gingival Gum line to ease the puss out.  I got a little bit but not all of the infection. That helped so much!   I told that ass clown Kiyonaga about it.  He didn’t do shit in court.  “I’m worried about Jeff.  He’s slipping, He’s not doing well.”  I instructed him to be careful of what he’s saying in court.  Their going to send me some place nasty! 

  Mother fucker! Staid behind in court to speak with the judge about getting me moved here to this fucking shit hole, mad house!  Fired!!!!

  Now I’m here in Texas. Child Molesters, Homo’s, Punks, thugs, Drug attics, some seriously mental issues.

    In walks my attorney’s  Philip Linder, James Bright, and Bill Shipley.  ### ### ####.  Did absolutely nothing for my case, never once looked at anything. They failed to recover all my documents from John Kiyonaga, the FBI, and Seth Peritz.  Did nothing but wait me out to take a shitty plea deal. Fired!!!

  In walks my Court appointed douche bag.  Michael Lawlor, ### ### ####. 

  He never answered the phone, -I called Eight Times.-  He never returned any scheduled phone calls with this facility.  He stone walled a Habeas Corpus(spell). Refused to call any one that was helping me with my case. Some how it’s my issue?

  I have a court date coming up on the 10th of this month.  Hopefully he’s there. I want him to listen to what I have to say to the courts.

  I have countless hours of knowledge of wrong doing on J6.  I’ve watched thousands of hours of madness of MPD/CP Rioters.  I’ve witnessed, Under Cover Agents, Undercover Provocateur’s, Crisis Actors assaulting and performing crimes.  I’ve tried to report this.  No one is looking at the evidence.  Not a single person will come in and speak with me.  

  I’ve been Abused, Forced, Pressed, and Intimidated to sign and take documentation against my will!  All By staff and Marshals. Who claim their on my side!

  Back Track—- I was in the “Hole” for a month (First Visit), When I started making complaints about my documents, and food, staff treatment, abuse. 

10) They were photographing the meeting getting me to try and sign documents releasing them of wrong doing.  I’ve had four Marshal Females(All Black) wearing body cameras, mean mugging me, pull me out of my cell, and try to intimidate, force and press me to sign documentation against my will.  I’ve told these people countless times to get my attorney!!!

  “You be signing these, and we can be friends.  If you sign this we can let you out of your cell for a couple of hours, If you sign this you wont go back to the Hole.”  Filming me with a iPhone, Body camera’s.  I went to get my reading glasses.  When I came back to view what they had.  They all moved into a small room.  “You can come in here to be sign.”  I looked into the room.  All three women were posted up in the corners of the room.  The woman with the cell phone. ” Here he come. He be sign and he’s ready.” IF it looks like a trap? It is.

Maj Tally, and CPL Howser pulled me out of my cell to force me into a hall. Staring at me. “You’re in trouble. We’re going to take you back to the hole. You need to sign this paper work so we can do our jobs.  You’re starting trouble. It makes the judge mad. If you don’t sign, is be documents, you are going back.” Maj Tally.   No one! Not my attorney’s, not the support channel,  Not one fucking person looked into the matter.  It sends a message to the staff and DC CTF, that they can do what ever they want.

  11)  When I wouldn’t sign the documents, they all left.  About two weeks later.  CPT Munoz and CPL Deal.  Pulled me into a small room, where they had a few of my things laid out on a table.  “What’s this?” I asked.  IT be your things.  “Where’s the rest of it? Where’s the documents, Where are my personal items(small radio, commissary products, books)?” I don’t know, you need to sign this.  “I”m not signing shit!  I want my attorney!”  They took a photo of me giving the thumbs up after I was making smart ass comments about my things being gone. Then tried to use that against me.

  These are Level Three Interrogation skills used on POW’s!  How do I know this?  I did the same thing.

  I’ve told countless people about my treatment with in the legal system.  I’ve watched countless hours of video. I’ve pointed out with accuracy the accounts.

  “Because of Mr. Mckellops training?  If we let him out?  He’ll hurt people, he’ll kill.”

  “It doesn’t matter what any one says.  He’s not going any where.  Bond Denied.”  Carl J. Nichols,  Standing Judge.