We hope and pray our young J6 Patriots like Salvador are staying strong and hopeful. Salvador, you are in our thoughts and prayers today and every day. Send him birthday wishes.

Read Salvador mom’s emotional letter below

My sons second birthday in prison 😭

Happy birthday


I’m sitting here thinking what to say I hate that your in their and theirs nothing I can do about that. All I can do is remember the day I gave birth and how overwhelmed I was. You cried and had this deep voice like your dad. And your eyes were bright blue from the day you opened them. You were always so aware of your surroundings and would take in it all with a sense of peace. Banana baby food was your favorite so I always tried to make sure you got that. Every year was amazing watching you grow up. Even though I can’t be with you today you are part of me and I hold you close and remember the day you were separated from my womb to breath on your own. You were still in my heart

Today Even though we are separated I am with you just as the day you were born

and am so proud of your strength to stand your ground in the hardest of times. You stood up to the corruption in this country, And held on to the truth. I thank God for allowing me to be your mom.

One day this will be behind us and I can tell my grandchildren what you and I went thru, this will be a story for generations. We know we stood for God and Country. The deep-state will no longer exist and we were part of uncovering their assassination of AMERICA

Not many mothers and sons can say they’ve done this together.

I love you son

Our young patriots need to know we appreciate and support them.


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