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One and all.

  Illegal Aliens, Squatting Illegal Aliens, Squatting illegal Aliens w/ Drugs, Guns, Prostitution, kicking the Shi# out of police, Illegal Aliens doing the river dance on police!!  Chinese Illegal Aliens by the thousands throwing chop sticks and ramen at police!( I made that part up), Illegal Aliens storming the boarder beating the crap out of National Guard and Boarder agents!

  ALL RELEASED WITH OUT BOND! All Released to attend a court hearing they’ll never show for five years from now!

“Because of Mr. Mckellop’s Training?  If we let him out?  He’ll hurt more people, He’ll kill. “Prosecution”  “It doesn’t matter what any one says, he’s not going anywhere. Bond Denied.” Standing Judge Carl J. Nichols.  These words are a life in prison. I’ve never been arrested and served my country with pride for almost 30 years.  FBI’s 215# Most Wanted!  

  I’ve been writing letters to any one I can find with an address.  County Court Clerks, Attorney’s, Judges that have nothing to do with my case, Taxi Drivers, local Sheriff. I’m done with this BS!  I have court in a few days, I’m asking for a “Super Secret Break Out Room” where Carl J. Nichols(My Judge) and my self can expose each other to the truth. I’m using names, places and dates.  I have no documentation of my court case, no discovery, no files, nothing.  I’ve had nothing for over two years now.  I’ve brought this up to my attorney’s and they’ve done nothing about it. I’ve been called, White Boy, Honky, Cracker, White Mother Fuc#!@, Trumper, Terrorist, Insurgent, Insurrectionist.  All by people who can’t even spell these words. 

 Morbidly Obese, Purple Haired Bull Dykes!  Marr, Tally, Saunders, Landerkin, Lancaster, Deal, Dillon, Allen, Bruce. These are just a few off the top of my head in the DC CTF. Wanna guess what race they represent?  I’ve written countless statement detailing my treatment.  Six months in the hole. Taken down to Suicide watch for no reason, Twice.  I asked, “Who told you to get me?” Uh, I don’t know.  This is the response I received every time I ask a question.  Nothing got done. 

  I’m not apologizing for anything, I’m not making a political statement.  I’m not going to denounce my Christian Faith, I’m going to tell the truth about my actions.  I’ve been waiting three years and counting for this moment.  I’ll never get another. The Government wants to give me an ongoing sentence that will surely kill me. “We didn’t give him the death penalty.  He just, just died.”

  I’ll never last another five years in this filth.  The Cho-Mo’s, Pimps, Freaks, Geeks, and weirdo’s running around this room is unreal. Predators staring at female employee’s with the eyes of a Jaguar waiting to pounce.  Rubbing their junk while drool trickles down on their heaving chest.   It’s a creepy sight. 

I wont make it.  So.  If I’m getting life in prison? Then I’m going out fighting.  No one is coming, the trucks aren’t coming to pick me up on the objective.  

  I’m sending a two more letters to the county clerks office here in Texas. 

Jeff Mackillop

Political Prisoner

Jeffrey McKellop

📬 Jeffrey McKellop
P.O. BOX 15330

Incarcerated since 3/15/2021
or 1127 days.

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