Last year, when so many defendants were being moved around the country, I lost contact with many of the prisoners I normally communicated with through GETTINGOUT. With so many being sent to BOP sites after sentencing, my attention was now focused on CORRLINKS and the growing contacts reaching out from there. My mistake was forgetting that many were being sent BACK to the GULAG , or had NEVER LEFT, and were trying to reach out through GTL, but I was no longer receiving notices of them (big surprise there) and their messages went unnoticed…until this Morning…

I apologize to our brothers in GULAG for my temporary lapse monitoring this site, and it wont happen again. My attention is restored. Meanwhile, A brave Marine  we have tracked and helped was finally released and is now battling his cancer that was left untreated in the GULAG during his lengthy stay. His message to me , a poem written by another Marine we love, James Brett, was a reminder that we cannot lose focus or attention now!  It is no less important a message today, then when he penned it in the Fall of 2023. It echoes in my mind that we have so much to do, now is NOT the time to slack off or rest. we must push through HELL if we wish to emerge on the other side!

There are no better companions in HELL than a DEVIL DOG!

My sincere Apologies BART.!

Better late than never!


A Light From The Tunnel” by James Brett

We went to DC for a needed redress.
We couldn’t envision the approaching mess.
Joined with men of strength, we traveled there,
There was no way of knowing our trials and despair.
We broke bread with our brothers,
our hearts… they were warm.
We had no way of knowing the devil’s planned storm.
You sprayed, you concussed, you shot and you beat us.
You don’t represent us and you will not defeat us.
We went home in peace as instructed that day.
We have a message to tell and that won’t go away.
You can raid us and jail us, and our families are torn.
But make no mistake devil, for this we were born.
Our children are watching you made a mistake.
The future is theirs and it’s not yours to take.
You drag us through court and you throw us in jails
God’s spirit is moving and light never fails.
The devil is playing but God’s love is warm
Get ready you tyrants, he’s bringing a storm.
Now your breaking my soul and trying jail me.
I was there and saw what others didn’t see.
You’re scared of the Truth and the story I will tell.
You keep trying to break me but you can just go to hell.
After removal of rights and all I’ve been through,
It seems very clear what I now have to do.
I will do what I did in the tunnel that day,
Watching all your evil in complete dismay.
I will pick up my flag and say “ I am through”
Raise my finger up high and say screw you.
After being abused and destroyed for that day.
God help us, please guide us
-James McGrew
AMEN! -FuriousTim

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