AUTHOR NOTE:  In May, Jeff was moved to the FMC medical center in Ft Worth Texas. This is the same location Brandon Fellows was sent to for evaluation last year. The court is trying to discredit his damning potential testimonies, but the center has found no issues. This is his first letter to us from there , but more of them follow…Jeff has been incarcerated for over two years at the time of this letter


Tim and Terri, hey guys! Food is so much better and we are authorized to Graze outside for a few hours each day. I quit the sleeping pills! This facility changed my capsules to a shade of white rather than my tan and brown capsules. They crushed my capsules daily. I asked why the change? Staff explained “This is how We Do it here”. yeah.. I looked at the remaining tablet cups on the tray, my tablet was the only one altered. Yeah.. I won’t be taking those anymore. On a brighter note, still waiting for whatever psych eval this administration has to deal out. I’ve made a ton of friends! 🙂 they took me in right away, showed me around. Introduced me to a few other really interesting cats. They all have bald or really close haircuts. Clean shaven, always looking around. Some have a weird tattoo like a Nazi symbol. :). Not sure what that is? Met some family oriented Hispanic dudes. These guys are tattooed to the Nth degree! Ink work of Santa Maria, Jesus, MS-13, Crips, “Vata Loco”,…. Really good stuff 🙂
…and most of it on their face. Still waiting on my attorneys, mother effing hung up the phone twice. I’m not calling anymore. I’m done with attorneys ! Once again I give them the information and video numbers to review. ” Oh yeah! This is good stuff! We’re going to get right on this!” nothing ! MTG and Boebert, an Hispanic woman, and a couple of other congressmen came to our cell block a few months ago. Did I tell you this? If so skip over – I tried to slip them a message. They wouldn’t take it! WTF!? Said ” they weren’t allowed to take anything!”. Holy s*** !!! so I tried to explain as fast as possible, “The event on j6, it was a setup and I can prove it!” They looked at me as if (whats growing out of my face), like I was speaking Hebrew.
The golden egg! Nobody wants it!
Where is America!!
I’m trying to get my children to drop down, even for a day, I’ll start crying asap! Miss them so much!!! Are you in touch with Don and Donna at Cowboy logic? They had me speak with Dave Sumrall about the videos! He and I geeked out for 45 minutes! I took him through the meat. He was really receptive and knew what I was referring to. I was wondering what they did with all the info? Cowboy Logic ( pH # redacted) . Lydia S sent me some money to get my stay going! thank you so much!
So – I’m doing better, exercising more, losing my gut, just waiting for the truth to set me Free! Thank you for all you do and have done!

To America!
It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees! I will not apologize in the face of my children. I will not take the knee to save my life. Not when I know the truth! As always, my name is Jeff McKellop, father to Davis and Paige. Retired US Army Special Forces, Oda 394 and 396.
I am a political prisoner!


You can write to Jeff while he is still in Ft Worth at:

Register Number: 35220-509

P.O. BOX 15330