Zach RehlBIRTHDAY 6/18

Zach Rehl
USP Lewisburg
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837


Zach Rehl celebrates another birthday in jail. Wish this father, husband, Marine Corps Veteran, and American Patriot a very happy birthday. Zach recently was moved to Lewisburg, PA and is finally out of solitary confinement! He can go outside for the first time since his arrest on March 21, 2021. While his family wishes he was home, they are thankful that at least the conditions of his confinement are changing. Since his arrest, Zach has missed the birth of his daughter with his wife and has never been able to hold his almost two year old child. He also has a teenage daughter who he misses greatly and has not seen since his arrest.

Zach is one of the Proud Boys unfairly convicted with seditious conspiracy in front of the DC kangaroo court. Zach and his family need our support in this difficult time. Please let Zach know he is not forgotten.

Please write to Zach and wish Him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Birthday: 6/18