Dear Barbara,

Sorry for the late reply. The mail room just sent me a stack of letters that the jail received in March. This place is garbage, no worries tho, May 16th is my plea hearing then after that will be sentencing. Hopefully only a few more months in this dump. It’s sad to hear guys saying that they can’t wait to go to prison because the conditions will be so much better and will be able to get a job and program. If my judge stays within my guide lines. I have about 12-22 months till I go home. Last few guys that have been sentenced, their judges went below their guide lines, here’’s to hoping and praying. Hope the trip to Tucson went good. I got a list going on places to go and things to do with my wife once home. I did’t get my hopes built up to high when Tucker got those 44k hours of video. Had a feeling something like this would happen, but I do believe it was out of his hands. Also believed it played into Fox letting him go. I know that he’ll be back sometime soon. Whether he’ll come out on his own or with another place. Then he can say and do what he wants. I’ve got to talk on the Twitter space a couple times. Really enjoyed it. It was great to learn that not only are people helping us while in the inside, but also helping when we get back home. It wouldn’t take much for my wife and me to start to rebuild or even to get us to our goal of becoming full time RVer’s. The truth is, and will come out. This evil is fighting back. We just can’t let down. As always, thanks for writing and for your support. Till next time, God bless.

Sincerely, Thomas Ballard

Thomas Ballard

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