Joshua Dylan Haynes

 September 14th 23 

Dear Barbara, 

I just received your letter. It is dated August 8th. But the postmark says September 8th. I was not sure what happened, but I do thank you for continuing to write to me. So sorry to hear about your laundry room leak and the resulting problems. It always seems there is something to fix or work on or even improve when it comes to home ownership. My house back home was the same way, always something needed to be done. 

I am with you, astrology means nothing to me. But I would agree that I can be stubborn on many issues. Couple that with my OCD and it has a way of making life very stressful. Oh, the globalist! If there is a more nefarious regime, I have yet to discover it! The movement ends in only one way and the Bible says it isn’t a good one. I too am ready. And eagerly awaiting close parent the return of Jesus in the new heaven and new earth that will accompany him. As a species we are way overdue for a reckoning. 

You are correct, the j6 first prosecutions and are corrupt FBI/DOJ/federal government system is as unjust as anything I have ever seen. Enrique Tarrio, whom I met and Conversed with on multiple occasions, just received a 22-year sentence.  Enrique wasn’t even in DC on January 6th. Stewart Rhodes, whom I met at the last jail I was in prior to my transfer here to Hazelton, was handed an 18-year sentence. Many of the j6ers are being handed sentences greater than that of murders, child molesters, drug dealers and alike. It is the worst display of judicial corruption that I have ever witnessed. The judge that gave me an unjust 32-month sentence was Tanya Chutkin. The same judge that President Trump has in his DC case. She is a left-wing, Obama appointed, extremely biased bad actor. It is shameful what is being done to us, To Trump and to conservatives across the land. Especially as truly corrupt truly criminal truly treasonous Democrats are continuing to be shielded by unregulated, despicable government agencies, who should be unbiased in the application of the law. Not to mention the lying mainstream medias constant relentless lying and covering up for corrupt Democrats all while they manipulate, omit and dishonestly report the “news”. It makes me sick to my stomach everyday as I sit and listen to the lies and the hypocrisy coming out of the mouths of democratic politicians and of supposedly “news”  anchors and reporters. This country desperately needs to rise up and fight this. The Democratic party and their minions want one thing and will do literally anything to get and keep it; complete control. All the power. There is no line they will not cross to ensure the continuance of their own wealth and power. The American people must take our country back from these soulless, morally bankrupt scumbags! 

Quick interesting story. As I was leaving the last jail so was Stewart Rhodes. We were transported together. We sat side by side on the several hours long ride from Central Virginia to Harrisburg, PA where we got to know each other a little. He is a good man, an intelligent man. Unfortunately we parted ways in Harrisburg. I came to Hazleton and I have no idea where he went but I pray that he does not have to serve the unjust 18 years they gave him. Once Trump is reelected the j6ers should receive their pardon as they should. We were in the right. The election was stolen! And January 6th has been one of the worst lied about events (Perhaps the most) in American history.

 Well, I will close for now. But thank you again for writing to me. I hope this letter finds you well and look forward to hearing from you again.

 Until such time May our Lord good Lord bless and keep you. 

PS love the quotes you sent this time always such a good stuff!! 


 Joshua Dylan Haynes

Joshua Haynes

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