16 NOV 2023
Dear Barbara,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us Jan 6 prisoners in the Wash DC gulag. The conditions in the J6 cell block are tolerable. It has taken 2+ years of patriots raising a stink, but the jail administration has pretty much decided to treat us as civilly as they do the other inmates in the jail. We are still not allowed to go to the barbershop, or attend church with the other inmates because we are in “protected“ class. (I don’t think they want us to talk politics and ‘contaminate‘ their minds.) So the bad news is we are locked in a cell block. The good news is that there’s always someone around to talk politics with!

I appreciate all the uplifting and spiritual messages you sent. I am not Catholic, but I have been attending a Catholic service conducted by Deacon Bobbie every two weeks. He comes in to minister to the one man who is a practicing Catholic. I like to attend to keep him company. Last time was fun for me, because Deacon Bobbie was not sure of the tune for the closing hymn. But it was fun for me because I recognized the hymn and I was able to sing the melody and we all had a great time singing our praises to God.

BTW, I am going to try your Latin phrase (What God Wills) on Matthew (the Catholic fellow) because we found out we both took Latin in high school. For me, I remember very little, but because he often attended Latin mass, he remembers quite a bit. It will be fun to test him with this phrase.

I feel like telling a story about Myra, my wife of 44 years. (We met when we were 17 and H. S.) Once at dinner I felt the need to show off my Latin skills, so I asked her if she knew what “veri, vedi, veci” meant. I gave a hint that Ceasar had said it. She immediately replied, bring me my salad. The quote is from Ceasar’s  book on his campaign on Gaul and translates as, “I came, I saw, I conquered.“)

I certainly don’t have as many trials and difficulties as the young men in here in their 20s – 50s. They have left behind the children (young) and jobs as well as a wife. Myra and I are 65 and I am retired. Our 5 kids are all grown and married to wonderful spouses and raising their own families. We have 16 grandkids. So while it is not much fun being away from home, I try to think of this time as a chance to do some extra study – where if I was at home I would be too busy. I have a new King James version of the Bible and I am currently trying to memorize, in order, the 60+ section headers found in the book of Isaiah. So far I can make it to chapter 31, about half way through.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and your efforts on behalf of the J6r‘s. Thanks for being aware of the injustices and un-American persecution of the men who stood up for America.

Reed K Christiansen

Reed Christensen

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