Ryan Samsel, J6’er held pre-trial in Lewisburg PA, writes to Nurse Wendy earlier this morning:


Thank you for writing me and the other Jan 6th Defendants. I’m sorry that I have not written back to you sooner. I am only allowed so many stamps per week. I try to use this time as a way to motivate our congressmen in OUR house up there on the hill. I now have my fellow J6 brothers with me willing to help me get stamps to write to you. They help me everyday and I consider myself very lucky to be with such men of great character. I believe I speak for all of us when I say we’re all very grateful to you, we would be lost without you, I promise you.

I know it’s been 2 years and you maybe growing tired, but I beg of you not to be. We must go harder. We cannot simply “Hold the line”, in the spirit of the great World War General Patton, ‘I don’t want to get any messages that were holding our position. Were not holding onto anything except the enemy’. We must continue to push forward. We do not politely beg for what we want, as if we do not deserve these rights, or that citizens of this country were not enshrined with these rights by Our Creator! We take back what is rightfully Ours, given to us by Providence itself. This temporary shroud of political bondage will pass if we remember who Our Father In Heaven is, Who, if you recall, made it His direct business to deliver the Hebrews from the smothering incarceration of Ancient Egypt. This land was blessed by Our Creator and both men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice for every single one of us. We must never grow weak, especially for what they forfeited on our behalf for generations to come.

Our Founding Fathers chose not to show any fear when Declaring Independence against The Greatest Empire the known World had ever seen in the 18th Century. How can we now, the direct descendants of those incredible men, benefitting from their sacrifice and their example, give up this hallowed ground due to fear and indolence in the 21st century? Especially when this threat to our Liberty has developed on our own soil, right across the street from Arlington Cemetery.

Why would we ever fear man? We only fear God. We fear only who can destroy the spirit. We are in a fight like no other because freedoms sake has fallen to our generation to passionately preserve it, but this struggle between Liberty and Tyranny is a tale as old as time. For thousands of years men have wondered and warred over the proper place government should exist within a mans daily life. Our Founding Fathers deciphered the exact governmental equation with a Great Compromise so that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, could be pursued and Government could be held in its proper place, behind a Bill of Rights, a Constitution, a Republic, upheld by an educated and moral citizenry. This virus of a political machine we face is as evil as it is ancient, and We The People are the antidote. We can not lose. We can not grow luke warm in this struggle, or we will be spat out into the dark abyss of Mystism and Tyranny. We must remain strong and remember that the struggle we have inherited harkens back to the battle fields of Thermopylae, the shores of Tripoli, The Oceans of the Pacific, and now Capitol Hill. Providence indeed has chosen this time, Our time, for the American people to rise and remember our strength, and recall that we are NOT descended from fearful men. We must take our country back, we will take our country back. IF we remember how to ‘Keep this Republic’, and Who Kept it First. We must join together as a unified American family embracing each other regardless of color or creed, orientation, or ethnicity. This is a fight that every man knows well, his bones cry out for freedom, and the American people, in this day and time can find that patriotic purpose once again. I promise you the Political Machine on Capitol Hill will lose and our victory will finally shrug off the unnecessary weight of liberal ideology and relentless hubris, returning this land to the land of milk and honey as it was promised to be…”

Are we the last vestige of hope for liberty in this country? You, in this hour, get to decide.

Our country is at a fork in the road. Left will lead us to death and dark days. Right will lead us to freedom. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, ‘A government big enough to give you anything you want, is big enough to take everything away’, including life! The other men, our families, and I, need you. You are shoulder to shoulder with us. You have protected us in ways you may never understand. I’m sure you have heard about the assaults against me. They broke my face 2 different times, caused blood clots, loss of eye sight, and refused medical treatment. I no have no access to the phones or commissary and I was locked in a cell for 24-7 for a year. I am not strong in fact I learned just how weak and broken up I am, but I believe my forefathers are watching us. I really do and I know my king will give me vengeance. I lost my father along the way and his last message to me was in his words “Fuck The FBI” I will always remain faithful and I will go down with the ship. but I will continue to fight like hell. This is where I ask you to please join us. The other Jan 6ers and I ask you to please write to our congress to remind them how we are over charged, and that our due process was violated. We at the worst should only have been charged with a 18 U.S.C. 111 (A) not the 111 (B). The Supreme Court rules that if a person does not plan to harm another with intent there is no 111 (B). rather it would be the non violent the FBI already admitted there was no pre-planning.

Let’s shove their own words down their throats. Also, please request that Ryan Samsel speak to congress so I can ask them why I was beaten. Let them know I was the guy Ray Epps whispered into the ear “at the gate.” I also want to know why I was not indicted for 7 months. Let’s get to the truth.

I thank you for your time. I and the others will soon get a petition together to get people to sign. Let’s never give up or give in. I would also like to remind you again please overwhelm our congress including Kevin McCarthy we want the judges prosecutors,doj,fbi,and the c.o’s who torcherd us and never forget to mention capt English at nnrj who has acted as such as Himmler in the Warsaw camps in Poland only he is in the Warsaw camp in va.please you are in the fight with us you are our family and we must overwhelm these congress tell them if they do nothing we will vote them out they work for us the people.

please a reminder if you can please write congress a certified letter so they have to sign for it and email and i would be most grateful if you can please support me in writing judge cobb in washington dc. asap in order to tell her there is much video in proving i did not do this. Also another reminder, why was I charged with 13 charges and Ray Epps who admitted to setting us up in a text msg and to Nasty Nancy’s j6 committee was not charged but rather referred to as a hero. He whispered into my ear at the gate at first breach I know the truth. They are afraid of that. Under the law, we “Incarcerated Few” are walking examples of what’s called “Selective Prosecution”.

Please pass this letter along. Unfortunately due to my unavailability to the contact with the outside world due to certain restrictions, I ask that you get this letter to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit and ask him to tell his readers to pass this letter along to any and all citizens of this great nation by any means they can, but especially every congress member.

Remember, we are the first wave of American Political Prisoners. You might be the second wave. The only thing that will stop this political Regime from abducting more citizens from their homes like the Soviet Union did in the 20th century, is you, and your decisive action.

Thank you for your time and much needed help on behalf of all j6ers”

Please help Ryan Samsel!

📬 Ryan Samsel
P.O. Box 1000

Incarcerated since 1/30/2021
or 719 days.