Trial Verdicts today

Richard Barnett
Oath Keepers –  Edward Vallejo, Roberto Minuta, Joseph Hackett, David Moerschel (second group of OK’s charged with seditious conspiracysee the first one here.)

Recent events have brought the fairness of the American justice system into question, particularly in relation to the January 6th Capitol riots. While President Trump signed a Justice Reform bill during his tenure, the current administration and Department of Justice (DOJ) are being criticized for not providing a fair trial for those charged in connection to the event of January 6th.

The cases of Richard Barnett and the Oath Keepers have been particularly controversial, with many arguing that the jury pools in Washington D.C. are biased against defendants associated with the January 6th protest. All changes of venue motions presented by lawyers have been denied so far despite analysis proving the extreme bias against J6ers by the D.C. population. Barnett was found guilty on all counts despite his lawyer’s efforts to demonstrate his innocence, while the Oath Keepers were found guilty of seditious conspiracy despite video evidence of their innocence.

McBride, Barnett’s famous lawyer, already put out a tweet saying “@BigoBarnett could spend the rest of his life in prison—for a trespass. Pray for him & his family.” This conviction will be appealed.

Furthermore, the judge in the Oath Keepers’ case, Amit Mehta, should be criticized for being biased against Trump supporters and not allowing exculpatory video evidence to be presented by the defense.

These cases raise serious concerns about the fairness of American trials and whether justice is truly blind. It is unclear if America will recover from these political trials, and hope is dwindling for defendants and their families. The integrity of the American justice system must be protected, and unbiased trials must be ensured for all defendants.

Justice can’t be blind when bias exists – bias is the enemy of justice!