Report from Nicole Reffitt from the DC Federal Courthouse.

Today, three witnesses took the stand.

FBI special Agent Nicholas Kaiser went over the search and seizure of Joe Biggs. “Being a proud boy is not against the law” was brought up by the defense and neither is having paraphernalia. What dictates the FBI to seized certain items that are not illegal and why? Agent Kaiser didn’t have a good answer for that. He said he just got what the search warrant stipulated and that he has no real authority in choosing those items. They’re on the paper and he just gets them.

There is a name that several people are asking about: Shane Lamond. They keep asking if any of these law enforcement personnel have had any contact with him. Lt. Shane Lamond, an officer in the D.C. police’s intelligence branch, is on administrative leave. Why? Was he in part of the planning of January Six? So far everyone has said no. When asked “Do you know who Shane Lamond is?”, they all say “yes”. they do know him. Some people have been speculating that he was Tario’s point of contact when he would be in DC. The mystery remains.

The next witness on the stand is Investigator Colby. He tailed Enrique Tario when he came in to DC and was part of the arrest team.  Tarrio was arrested for a misdemeanor and charged for damage to property. When Enrique landed at the airport, they had MPD in Virginia in the airport. They tailed him all the way and arrested him in the third Street Tunnel. As soon as he crossed into DC simply for a misdemeanor charge. They had 10 to 15 MPD officers take him down. It seems like an extreme use of force for a misdemeanor but this is what our government does today. Let us remember that in many school shootings we often learn that the person was on the FBI watch list. However the FBI disregarded warning signs, let the murder of innocents happen, showing their incompetence to stop real crimes while they use an extreme show of force to arrest J6ers. Let’s remind the reader that Tarrio was not in DC on January 6th and still was the target of this DOJ. Enrique was given his stay away order which he respected. All this convey that their focus was on the Proud Boys before the January 6th rally even  started. Who was conspiring? you might ask, the Proud Boys or the Government? The defense went over that with Inspector Colby.  He said he just went through the arrest, got the different items that Enrique had on him. The vest that was mentioned was for protection as the Proud Boys had been stabbed before. Bertino was stabbed, and in fact, Enrique had been stabbed before as well. The vest obviously, was part of their self-defense gear and not geared to overtake the government by force.

Then, the next witness, Lionelle Hawa, is from Secret Service. She has testified several several times before. She is the go-to Secret Service lady to tell you about how they got Pence out of the Capitol and got him to a secured location from his ceremonial office within two to three minutes. We don’t know where that secured location is but if it’s only two or three minutes from the ceremonial office, it must be close. She went over the outline of the Capitol as usual but little real information transpire as Pence’s whereabouts are deemed sensitive. However it is important to know whether he was still on Capitol grounds or not.

This was all for the day. Keep following these updates as the Shane Lamond mystery might come up again.