Dear Barbara,
It was good to receive another letter from you. I think that you have been reaching out to me for over 6 months. Your faithfulness is even more appreciated these days, as I have been essentially cut off from family, friends & supporters like you. It’s now been 6 months since the evil government stopped my S.S. (Social Security) Check, which was always deposited into one of my checking accounts. In January several different groups/individuals volunteered to raise funds for our/Linda‘s household. Well they, the powers that be here, decided they did not like one of these individuals willing to assist me & my own after my money was stolen from me. That monthly check is the result of an obligatory contribution that I paid into for years. It’s called F.I.CA..  If you worked, then you know what I’m talking about. With no evidence whatsoever, just based on their conclusions the issue was pushed. I would not relent!! I eventually was cited with an incident & punished. Spent 60 days in solitary & had my phone & E-mail accounts suspended. For trying to help my wife!! I am cut off from all my family & friends! In addition my mail is also interfered with. I’m aware that they listen, read & record all my comp communication but they have routinely hold & keep my mail. That’s illegal!! Your help is needed & appreciated, I need three things done (1) contact Jim Jordan/Ohio or Matt Gaetz/FLA. Heading up the January 6th committee. They are looking for those who would like to testify on what they saw & experienced on January 6 & from their families!  I have much to share as to what transpired that day. I was at the Capitol by 1 PM, with the first couple of hundred that got there. I saw & experienced things that led me to believe that we were definitely infiltrated & sabotaged that day. Definitely we were set up, not exactly sure of who but something went on that day that needs thorough investigating. I want & need to be part of it!!      (2) Please call or contact your elected rep & tell them about me & I’m sure there are many others that are being inflicted with this or some other overt criminality going on here. We need a resolution to this!    (3) Contact my Linda: first & foremost this will help her emotionally & spiritually, she can help with contacts to elected representatives in our state. If more people, like you, do their part, this will be fixed & resolved, as it should be!

There is great evil going on in our country, truly it is that great & awful! Prayers are needed but God can & does use people to accomplish his purposes. Be the hands & feet of God & be used for His Righteousness!! Everyone can help, everyone can do something! The truth is coming. When you write back, please give me an update! Linda ###-###-####.
God bless you, always
P.S. Thanks for sharing some of the insight & memoirs of things you’ve read. Not familiar with Francis Thompson but have read Viktor Frankl a couple of times. More insight, did you know that Trump offered up to 20,000 Army Reserve or National Guard & Pelosi and Muriel Bowser both turned him down? They had other plans!

Howard Richardson

📬 Howard Richardson
Federal Correctional Institution
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Has been serving sentence for 246 days.