Many people have wondered about the origins of  American Gulag Chronicles: Letters from Prison and its purpose.

From the outset of the idea of a book of Letters from J6 political prisoners, Tim and Marie decided never to accept compensation for their work or the time they spend promoting the book. It was to be a labor of Love and patriotism. Towards that goal, The American Gulag Chronicles Inc. was created on November 6, 2022 and officially received the Copyright ownership of the book from Tim in perpetuity. Aside from the costs associated with the corporation and production, all proceeds go to help J6ers and their families. A Volunteer board of J6 Activists and luminaries manage the book sales and fund and meets regularly to make decisions on requests for aid and actively participates in the promotion of the book. Transparency is important to the TAGC team, and we believe it is essential to maintain a good reputation, so each financial quarter, TAGC INC. will post its financials and donation activity on its website.

This being our first endeavor, we used a DIY printer to create the first 750 books and packed, addressed and mailed them all by hand right through Christmas eve. WHEW! That first experience taught us a lot about what NOT to do, and we were blessed to find Devil Doc Publishing and Christine Walker, its owner, who offered their services and considerable knowledge of publishing, pro Bono, because she’s a concerned Patriot and Veteran, too! Devil Doc helped create an amazing digital version for those still awaiting delivery of their books from the new printer so customers could get an early peek at what they were to receive and hooked us up with a better printer for the next run. We are eternally grateful for her assistance.

The J6 Patriot News TELEGRAM channel was formed in November 2021 by Tim Rivers and Marie Goodwyn. This first Social Media channel was established to share the stories of J6 prisoners and families affected by January 6th prosecutions and to raise funds for their Crowd Funding accounts. Thanks to their strong relationships and access to J6ers’ families, they were able to provide a steady and fresh stream of information to the channels membership about our political prisoner’s conditions and needs, as well as that of their families and children. The channel’s description states that it is dedicated to spreading the latest news and stories about January 6th defendants and their families, which is exactly what they have been doing since the very beginning. The website J6PATRIOTNEWS.COM was recently created to expand their reach to a larger audience. Now you can find the channels on Rumble, YOUTube, GETTR, TRUTH, GAB and FaceBook.

The Patriot Mail Project was started during the Bundy Ranch standoff, which resulted in around 50 people being arrested. Letters were sent to these political prisoners through this amazing patriot project, which greatly blessed and sustained them during their detention. Paula Calloway, who had worked with the project, was contacted by Pete Santilli, one of the original Bundy defendants, who suggested that something similar should be done for the J6 Political Prisoners. On July 4th, 2021 The Patriot Mail Project was reactivated. Soon after, Tim Rivers came across the Patriot Mail Project and started writing letters to prisoners. He received a heartbreaking reply letter from political prisoner Jeff McKellop that moved him and his wife to tears. The idea of the American Gulag Chronicles Telegram channel was created as a way to give a voice to these letters from prison.

The purpose of the American Gulag Chronicles channel is to inform the public about what is happening in American jails to J6ers, especially in the DC-CTF C2B pod, through the letters, messages and ART of the J6 prisoners. As the American Gulag Chronicles collected a significant number of letters over time, Marie suggested that a book featuring a compilation of them , accompanied by art and poems from several prisoners, would be a good idea to get the TRUTH out to the American Public. She emphasized that this was history and a testament to the pain and suffering that political prisoners and their families were enduring.

Thus began the journey of LETTERS FROM PRISON, which was no small feat. Most books take months or even years to be written and published, but Tim and Marie felt the urgency to complete it and produced the first manuscript in 90 days of nonstop work. With Marie’s publishing background for a curriculum printing company,  she recruited an international volunteer team of typesetter/layout artist, and proofreaders, who volunteered their services for the endeavor. Tim gathered the letters and art that had been submitted to the Channel, categorized and dated them into the chronological story line and wrote the chapter introductions. Marie took care of preparing the necessary files in the correct format and color space for printers. Shaji, the layout artist, proposed a style for the book, and after a few corrections, they were ready to start the heavy lifting of assembling the work. It took many hours to get each chapter together, make corrections, and adjust pages to perfection. Marie, a capable and fastidious editor, did all the necessary editing to create a perfect product and the book was finished in record time.

Meanwhile, after seeking legal advice, they began getting signed permissions from all of the incarcerated prisoners involved to use the letters and art in the book. All of the J6ers featured in the book were excited about the project and most of them gave their permission to use their letters. Only a few declined to participate for legal reasons, and their pages that had already been typeset were removed from the book to respect their wishes.

It was truly a labor of love!” says Marie.

She is glad she was part of it and grateful for Tim Rivers fiery introductions and passion for this project.

At this time several J6 families and defendants have already been helped for various legal and survival needs with funds from the books sales. TAGC Inc. will produce QUARTERLY reports on funding and donations to demonstrate the Organization’s dedication to the J6 defendants and their families and provide full transparency for all of our projects and actions.

If you would like to help, the book can be ordered at the


This book is dedicated for those who were murdered on J6:

Ashli Babbitt (SAY HER NAME), Rosanne Boyland, Benjamin Phillips, and Kevin Greeson

They Will NEVER be Forgotten! ❤️‍🔥