Address Updates and Lists Updates with New Incarserations

We wish we did not have to do updates so often especially when new people are starting serving time. But we do not want them to be forgotten so here it is. We who are free at this time have no idea how long a day in jail is, especially when solitary confinement has become the norm for J6ers. So please, write them so they know they are not forgotten! New to our list: [...]

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Alexandria Detention Center Mail Rules

People have had mail returned from the the Alexandria Detention Center. It may be that mail rules are not followed. We called the jail and below are the rules. Photos and Cards are NOT allowed. Photos and Cards are NOT allowed. However if you print out a photo or a card on regular 8.5 x 11 white paper from your home printer, it will be accepted. You can use a sticker for your return [...]

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Five J6er has been moved out of The Northern Neck Hellish Jail to Lewisburg!

The Northern Neck Jail has earned its reputation for being one of the worst jails in America! The conditions there are horrendous and J6ers are treated even worse than other inmates. It seems like the warden did not like the bad publicity the hell hole received from our friend Barry Ramey. So good, five of them were moved to a better place and we hear that others will be moved soon. Barry spoke with his [...]

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Patriot Mail Project Christmas Drive

Last year's Christmas drive was a great success and the J6 families were extremely grateful. With the breadwinner in jail or having lost their job, families will be facing a grim Christmas unless we keep that from happening. No one left behind. No one forgotten! Sponsors and J6 families alike can sign up at You can also use this qrcode. Thank you on behalf of the J6  families.    

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