“Leftists Sure Got It Made”
by: Jessica Watkins
(Biden’s Political Prisoner #26050-509)

Well, it must be nice to be Left-Wing
They loot, shoot, and burn everything
And the media won’t say a single thing
while Joe gives our gas to Xi Jinping
Oh, it’s good to be a Leftist!

When Trump wins, they moan and cry
So they cheat, steal, and constantly lie
And can even sleep with a Chinese spy,
and the media won’t bother to ask why
Oh, how grand to be a Leftist!

They can raid and arrest the “free press”
They can sport a beard and wear a dress
Then they claim that they’re oppressed
when we don’t care if they’re depressed
Oh, how sad to be a Leftist!

They tear down every statue they see
They grope and sniff children openly
Arresting their opponents flagrantly
and even commit perjury on live TV
Oh, how great to be a Leftist!

They can hate the Jews and burn their stores
or they smoke crack with Russian whores
They can storm the Capitol, kick in the doors
or have gay sex on the Senate floors
Oh, how sweet to be a Leftist!

They can wipe their server and smash their phones
Allow constant attacks by Iranian drones
Fill dozens of ballots from their homes
Or commit Sedition with Autonomous Zones
Oh, how nice to be a Leftist!

They can steal suitcases from the airport
Indicting a President is a last resort
If the polls give them a bad report
A White House with white lines for them to snort
Oh, how cool to be a Leftist!

They can claim they’re cleaning up the air
while flying private jets everywhere
tanking our economy beyond repair
Making the other rich pay their “fair” share
Oh, its swell to be a Leftist!

They can throw rocks at the Police
Pelosi insists the attacks increase
Their riots are waged on city streets
But our media still calls it love and peace
Oh, how carefree to be a Leftist

They deny every election that they lose
and they can marry whoever they chose
but they’ll kill the priest if they refuse
and they won’t even report it on the news
Oh, how easy it must be to be a Leftist!

While I’m sure it’s the most bestest,
I’m so glad I’m not a Leftist!
They should be shamed for all our country’s messes
But, the media never blames the Leftists.
I’m so glad I’m not a Leftist…
The FBI ignores their investments…
Still, only idiots are Leftists…
I’m so glad I’m not a Leftist!

Hope it made you laugh! 🙂
Love ya!

Jessica Watkins

📬 Jessica Watkins
Federal Correctional Institution
PO BOX 5000

🎂 8/16 🎂

Has been incarcerated for 1167 days.
including remaining serving time for 227 days.

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