“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 2.1: The Montgomery County Jail; Dayton, Ohio

A True Story; 100% Verifiable with Text Messages, Emails, Video/Audio, Court Documents and Testimony.

Once the FBI picked me up from the Urbana Police Dept. (where I turned myself in to the authorities), they handcuffed me for the first time in the long chain of times that I would be handcuffed and in chains. My FBI Agents loaded me into their vehicle and we chatted on the way to the Montgomery County Jail. They were very nice, and respected my decision not to speak with them until I had an attorney. Once we arrived at the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, OH, I was booked for the first time in my life. The Jail didn’t know how to handle the fact that my arm was broken. My arm splint was a combination of rods/plates. It was taken an confiscated because (according the them) I could have fashioned pieces of it into a weapon. My mangled arm was placed into a SAM splint temporarily, and I was then fingerprinted. I gave them basic information. About this time, Donovan was booked also. The males got blue jumpsuits and we women got green ones . The fact that I was transgender was never brought up, and so I was booked – complete with my green jumpsuit. During my intake, a psychologist began to ask standardized questions regarding my mental health. It went something like this:

Do you have any mental heath disorders? Yes, PTSD, Anxiety and Chronic Depression.

Are you considering harming yourself? No.

Are you a veteran? Yes.

Which Branch? Army.

Did you deploy to a Combat Zone? Yes.

Where and when? Afghanistan, 2002.

Did you see active combat? Yes.

What was your MOS? Infantry.

***he paused*** That’s quite unusual, you don’t hear that often. How did…? Yessir, well I mean, I am transgender. They didn’t let women in the Infantry back then and it was the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” years, so I served… ahem… well, as a different gender. I transitioned about 20 years ago.

Ah. I See. Will you give me one moment please? Yes sir, no problem.

Minutes later, I was in a BLUE jumpsuit and moved into a men’s unit. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I look and sound female, so this was a VERY awkward moment for me. Even Donovan Crowl did not know I was transgender until that very moment, and he had been my good friend and a customer for years. I was “outed” when I was taken out of the women’s unit and placed into one with the men. The staff at the jail did not bother to ask if I had surgery or do a visual inspection, I was just… moved. I was placed in Solitary Confinement to protect me from the men. The males got 10 hours out on Recreation (Rec) per day, but given my “status” I got only got 1 hour, and was never able to shower the entire time I was there. I had to clean my self in the sink in my cell. It was awful, and I didn’t handle it particularly well. I did make a friend named Stanley, who played chess with me through the glass of my door, so that was something. Mostly I slept.

A day later, CNN broke the story. The “Infamous OathKeeper Jessica Watkins is transgender”. They “dead-named” me (used my birth name) and used the wrong pronouns. Of course, with me being a Trump supporter, CNN discarded their “pro-trans” stance in favor of mockery, humiliation, and hate.

***A Public Service Announcement for you transgender people out there. Know this: The Libbies do NOT love or care about you. The Liberals claim “love, tolerance, and acceptance”, but isn’t true. It is a sham. They don’t believe in ANYTHING. As soon as you no longer ascribe to their toxic ideology, they will turn on you – it’s the same as it ever was: Shaming, mockery, bullying and hatred. Worse than that, your own Community will mock and revile you; for the crime of standing up for your beliefs; for loving America; the VERY SAME country that gave us the freedom to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness via transition. So I tell all of you transgender people this: You’re being used as a useful tool of the Marxist Democrats that want to destroy the country that gave you this wonderful opportunity. They hate this country, and if you don’t think they way they tell you to, they will hate you too. You are a mere prop to further their agenda, nothing more.***

The “Transgender OathKeeper” story would devastate me, It was a “big story”, one that would humiliate and haunt me from then on.