FURIOUS TIM here. 🇺🇸❤️‍🔥

If you have read Jeffs messages or letters before, or listened to his interviews in our Interview library, you will know who he is and what he stands for. If this is your first time getting a message from JEFF< PAY ATTENTION! >

He does not Mince or Waste words. Jeff is a thrice decorated for valor (that we know of), 32 yrs of service Specials Forces Veteran who has never run afoul of the law in his entire life and decades of service to this country. He has been in Jail , In DC, pretrial, for approaching TWO YEARS NOW!  Jeff is speaking to YOU through his messages and letters to us. You Need to Pay Attention, because his message is dire and a call to WAKE THE HECK UP~! Read his messages and try to put yourself in his shoes; a Father, A Ranger, a Green Beret, and American Hero, caged and beaten like a dog to prove a political agenda by a corrupt DOJ.

You should be FURIOUS, as I am, at this treatment and violation of rights, and desecration of an American Hero and what he stands for. Listen , then DO SOMETHING!


December 13, 2022 18:07 est

Power of the pen!!!!! Thanks for the funding! To one and all!
I want to thank every American for their support! This time of year is a time of reflection, wholesome family support and thanking our savior for the greatest gift ever.
When Moses stood atop of mount Sinai. He was approached by God himself. He asked who he was. God simply responded.
” I Am.”
That’s so powerful!
The magnitude of our nation is so great it can’t be measured. When you travel this season, other nations, its people, will ask if you are an American?
You respond, ” I am.”
I miss my family so much. This government won’t allow me to see or touch my family. Consistently putting the boot onto the back of my neck. Covid, and the mask are the only excuses they can muster.
No photos, no mail. thank the FBI for that.
The truth needs to come out!!!


December 13th, 2022 18:14 est

I was watching Telemundo Hispanic news yesterday. They were doing a report on the border. Holy Shit! 277k people last month came across the border. This government is issuing Residency applications before the people come across the boarder so the people are not illegal as they cross. WTF? Two more years of this and its over! Modern day Zombies! No money, no food, no place to live. What do you think they will do to survive?
Thank you once again for all you do. You’re a good man!


December 16th, 2022 11:27 est

Billions more to Sudan, and Chad? Because of slavery? Do you know the door way that just opened up? Every country in Africa will now have their hand out! China is sitting back and laughing because we are going to barrow more money to fund it!!!
Wanna know what the modern day zombie is going to look like? Its the douche bags coming across the boarder! Every fucking immigrant coming across the border.
They’re coming! Bringing with them a terrible hunger, an insatiable thirst, both arms extended looking for a hand out! Is administration is about to ring the dinner bell. Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah will be the first to fall. Two more years of this activity and America is over! Not a single mother fu*ker is speaking out! And I’m being sued for a million dollars because some pussy from the MPD now has ,Strike Fear, PTSD, Sleep Apnea, can’t walk down the street when cats are out side, his wife built a safe space so he can cry in his diapers. Really? Fu*ck!!!! Hello! The hand of reality is bitch slapping America! Are you going to wake up?


12/16/22 19:18 est

First: I want to thank you for the gift pack of food yummies! Your the best of the best!
Second, Grifters: There are eight of us left that don’t sing the Anthem any more because these fools are abusing the public for money. Third: I know your writing a book. That’s OK by me. Some one has to do it.:-) There are people out there sending us mail( Not me, the FBI has seen to it, to intercept all my mail. So I don’t get any more) who are claiming they’re raising money for J6’ers and their family. OK. Where is it? There needs to be accountability of people and their funding. I’ve stated before. I don’t want money, Books, or Notoriety. I want out! I want MPD, FBI, MARSHALS, and this Government to pay for their crimes! Just thought I would throw that out there. Be on the look out for false profits!
One and all. This government has turned a blind eye to America. So it doesn’t have to witness the death of the truth.
Where are you America? Two more years of this punishment our country will be a part of the central Americas, and Canada will become, North America. Hello! Bitch slapping you with the truth!!
Max love from C2B!
My name is Jeff Mckellop. Father of Davis and Paige. I am a political prisoner. De Oppesso Libre!


12/17/22 12:47 est

I was thinking last night. This government makes my court case open to the public. I want my law suit being held against me to be open to the public. Captain Augustine from the MPD is suing me for a million dollars, on the grounds I have given him. PTSD, STRIKE FEAR, TBI, and a slew of other issues. Including fear of another J6 participant coming up behind him. I want his chest cam video to be made public! I want the world to know what a fu*king coward he was that day! His actions alone were the primary cause of the West Terrace to fall. Hiding from action, taking credit for another officers actions, boasting about his minor injury to anyone that would listen, using racial slurs, bragging and boasting about suing me to another captain on the MPD. ALL ON HIS CAMERA! He was using orders from subordinates, making it appear he was giving the order. On and on! Let it be known that Captain Augustine of the MPD is a coward. All on video!


12/18/22/13:41 est

Fu*k yes! Do the deed! Max love from the maw of hell!
One time in Iraq during the battle for Talafar. The scariest place, I’ve ever been. That was one point in my life where I didn’t think, I would make it. Tracer rounds coming so close you could touch them. RPG hit the wall I was standing next to. I found my self laid out, on and on. I firmly believe this establishment will try to, “Epstein” us before too long. What’s to stop them from putting Fentanyl in our food, and claim it to be group suicide? There is a revolving door of EMT people here.
My attorney wants me to take a plea. No way! That mother fu*ker is so excited ! I brought up the point if the election didn’t go our way? I might look into it. He was so excited about it. ” Well Jeff, you know, the, election, and we, spoke, you know, might be better if we you know, we are going to lose, you know.”
We’ve looked at the evidence once! He hasn’t even looked at anything! Fu*k! He sent his video guy in here with out anything to write with! I gave him a ton of videos to look at and they didn’t do anything! I feel they are working with the DOJ against me.

He needs to give back the money PFP gave him!
Max love Mr. Rivers! I’ve got your back!



And we have yours, JEFF!!!! 🇺🇸❤️‍🔥


FuriousTim 🇺🇸❤️‍🔥