Couy Griffin is an American Patriot and Pastor. He is a J6 defendant, the founder of Cowboys for Trump and a former New Mexico Otero Commissioner.

Couy is the second January 6 defendant to go on trial as part of the Justice Department’s massive prosecution. In apparent retribution for calling out the illegitimate voting machines used in New Mexico and decertifying the 2020 primary election, New Mexico Otero Commissioner Couy Griffin was sentenced to 14 days in jail for peacefully protesting, the stolen 2020 Election. Couy and thousands of peaceful protesters were only praying outside the Capitol.

The prosecution against Couy continues. Judicial Judge ordered Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin to be removed from office, effective immediately, ruling that the attack on the Capitol was an insurrection and that Griffin’s participation in it disqualified him under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. This decision marks the first time since 1869 that a court has disqualified a public official under Section 3, and the first time that any court has ruled the events of January 6, 2021 an insurrection. Under New Mexico law, any private citizen of the state may file a lawsuit to remove a disqualified county official from office.

Couy continues to be the voice for January 6th defendants.

You can see his docket on court listener