Received 3-7-23


The first letter that I sent you was sent back because of “damaged postage”. I’m sure getting the second before the first is probably confusing. Sorry about that.
I don’t know how PMP works. I am hoping that and have written my letters in manner that they will be posted publicly. I have been out of contact with my community, the anon/patriot community for 15-months now. I am elated to be hearing from everyone. I’ve had so much pent up inside me but didn’t realize it until I started writing and can’t stop. I have over 100 written pages to patriots unmailed so far. Please forgive me if my initial correspondence is overwhelming. Until next time.
aka Matthew Webler


I want to express my deepest gratitude for the newsletter and for including me in PMP. Being connected with my community once again, the most awesome community in the world, is indescribably uplifting to my spirits.
First off, I would like to update everyone on my current legal situation and incarceration. The good news is that all of my legal battles are over with. I received 45-days for parading and picketing in the Capital and an addition 57-months for an unregistered short barrel rifle that was in my home when they searched it an the time of my arrest.
My current maximum release date is Feb. 2, 2025, but through programming and the First Step Act passed by President Trump, I can expect that date to move to August 2024, which means that I expect to be in a Federal halfway house as early as the end of this year and at the latest this time next year.
I’m currently at FCI Edgefield which is a medium security facility. We have a large amount of freedom of movement here. There’s ten TV’s in every dorm so there’s no arguing over what to watch. Since football has ended (Go Daugs!!!) I watch absolutely zero of it though.
I have a job at Unicor sewing the topstitch on Gen 3 BDU pants. That’s the exposed outside seam on both pant legs. I’m one of three people doing that operation. If you’re in the military and received your pants after Jan. 1, 2023, there is a good chance that I sewed the seam your grabbing while standing at attention. Kek (smiley face)
I work until 2 pm and after that I spend my time split between recreation, cooking, and studying in preparation for the next chapter of my life. With this sudden time on my hands, I have worked myself into the best shape of my adult life. I’m 5’9” and 282 lbs. but I can do 40 straight dips and 20 straight pull ups. I can run a 7.5 minute mile now and sprint 100 yards in 12.5 seconds. I haven’t shaved since the day of my arrest. My beard is now about 10-inches long and it’s braided into braids a little bit thinner than the pen I’m writing with. If you can picture a greying, wild-haired, crazy eyed, 280 lb., 43-year old white guy outrunning these young skinny guys here. I promise that it’s a sight to see. We have also just started playing softball again here and I just purchased a pair of cleats and am enjoying that as well.
Because of Q, I am somewhat of a celebrity here and get along with absolutely everyone. There is zero tension or violence here. To sum things up, my situation is far better than could ever be expected given the situation. I see the hand of God at work every single day and am externally grateful for His intervention.
I want to tell my J6 story here but in-order-to tell it properly, I must also tell my story. The back story of what led me to the Capital is imperative if I am to tell it properly. I need to make sure that my story is factually correct before I put it out.

Time muddies the memory and if I’m going to tell my whole story, “It must be done right”, so I need a week or 2 to verify some things to ensure everything is factually correct.
In the meantime, I would like to give a brief synopsis of my experience with the justice systema as a result of my J6 activities.
On December 3rd, 2021, at approximately 6 am, I was assaulted in my driveway while I was leaving for work by approximately 30 FBI, Homeland security and many other law enforcement agency officers and placed under arrest. I say assaulted because they flew out of their cars like armed robbers with guns drawn. While they were cuffing me, my wife came onto the carport boldly shouting: “Excuse Me, Excuse Me. We have a 2-month old child in the house”. They promptly responded by shoving guns in her face, forcing her to the ground and handcuffing her too. Then then entered the house and treated my brother who was living with us the same.
This is a huge deal to me because if we are to do as Trump said a few days ago RESTORE EQUAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA, then the law must be applied equally to everyone especially to those that are enforcing our laws. If when I point a gun at on unarmed person it is aggravated assault then when they do it should be the same thing. Living by a different set of rules because you’re a member of some special club is elitism not equality and there is no provision for Elitism in the constitution the last time I checked.
My father confronted my arresting agent about this after my sentencing and she told him they behave that way for their own safety because they “JUST DON’T KNOW” how people are going to act. Just don’t know,… Just don’t know….. Well, Special Agent A.C. (I don’t want to target you so I will withhold that your name but I do sincerely hope that you read my words) that is exactly whey we have a Constitution that you swore to uphold and defend, that specifically protests our right to due process and to be considered innocent until proven guilty. The second you point ANY weapon at an unarmed or non- threatening citizen, you have unilaterally made the decision without proof that they are a danger to you. You have declared them guilty. You have denied them of their due process and violated your oath.  Also you are a member of the Domestic Terrorist Task Force yet the moment you point a gun at an unarmed citizen you become the very terrorist you are attempting to fight.
I know I said this would be a short synopsis so please forgive my soapbox. I could have dealt with having guns pointed at me, but something snapped in me watching them treat my innocent wife, simply trying to protect our little miracle, so horribly. I am making it my mission to see that this horrible practice is permanently ended in America.
I was watching CNN covering the tragedy in Turkey last week. They were showing footage of arrests taking place of the contractors that build buildings that fell in the earthquake. There were no guns drawn and not even any handcuffs used. The police simply informed them they were under arrest and gently escorted them to the police car. Those men will more than likely be executed yet no force was used.
This is a starkly different picture than the one we saw televised here a few months back when our FBI served a search at an unoccupied house belonging to our ex-President. In an obviously non violent situation the full tac squad was on display intentionally spreading their terror to the people.
Certainly you would think that the “Land of Liberty” can treat its citizenry more humanely than a totalitarian regime does.
Okay, moving on now, back to the story.
Once in Federal custody, I was given a bond hearing and promptly held without bond under false pretenses. The FBI and US attorney presented speculation that they knew to be false and easily disprovable in the hearing. In her decision, the Judge quoted this speculation as fact and accused me of lying to the court as a reason for my denial of bail.

At this point, I know had 2 separate Federal cases, one in DC for entering the Capital on J6, which I freely admit to and gladly accept my punishment for, and one case in Atlanta  for the gun that was found in my home upon my arrest.
I was charged with convicted felon with a firearm possession of an unregistered short, barreled rifle and possession of an unregistered silencer. I had purchased all of this because I firmly believe that the second amendment means exactly what it says, “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. A judge ruling that “shall not be infringed” actually doesn’t mean that is no different than if that judge ruled that a stop sign doesn’t really mean stop. It’s completely asinine.
Since all laws by nature are “infringements”, I bought a full spectrum of “arms” that my right to keep and bear was being infringed upon specifically to fight what I believe to be bad unconstitutional laws. I did not want to go to war with the government, I wanted to fight them in the courtroom.
While I firmly believe that I was absolutely righteous in my endeavor it was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I’ve had my share of massive mistakes, but this one took the cake. I didn’t do my research. I was full of zeal and righteous anger ready for a fight but had no clue as to what the fight I was asking for was.
First if all, I never in a million years expected that I would be held without bond. My ability to properly fight the case was completely handcuffed when that happened.
Secondly in my first real conversation with my counsel his words mirrored past words from President Trump. “The system is rigged against us”. Especially here in the 11th circuit. The rulings have been made in such a way that we cant even fight gun laws!! Imagine how I felt when I heard that I couldn’t even attempt a fight. I was in complete shock.
Then about 2-weeks into my being kidnapped on a Saturday morning, I received a hysterical call from my wife informing me that at 2 am. The police and DFACS (Department of family and Children Services) came with a removal order and took our newborn Zayne from us. The removal order claimed “neglect”.
My wife and I had been married a little more than 4 ½ years at this point. We had been together for nearly 12. My wife has physical issues that prevent her from ever getting pregnant. We had resigned ourselves to being a childless couple. Adoption wasn’t an option we considered because we never thought we had the means. Then out of the blue on an August afternoon behind a building, I was working at in Tucker, GA, I ran into this homeless couple that were drug addicts. The woman as more than 7-monhts pregnant. I knew immediately that my life had just changed. That I had to do something. To make a long story short, Zayne was born at 11:00 am on September 30th, 2021 in a hotel room in Memorial drive in Dekalb County, GA. My wife and I stayed at the hotel with a couple of midwives all day waiting on our attorney to arrive so that we could do paperwork and take legal custody. Once we had custody of him, we immediately went to the hospital and hew as admitted healthy, but “the worst NAS Baby” they had ever seen. He was found to have heroin, cocaine, benzos, meth, and marijuana in his system. Despite this he recovered quickly and 2 short weeks later he was released from the NICU and we brought him home. My wife and I were on cloud 9. We were in absolute heaven; Zayne was a miracle that we never even dreamed was possible. Churches, family and friends donated so much stuff we had to give some away. In-laws on both sides were at our house constantly. We took Zayne to the Dr. on schedule and my wife even had a notebook to document all his feeding, bowel movements, crying, everything. If anything, we were guilty of too much but never in a million years was he neglected. We had a DFCS caseworker that visited the house twice and documented that he was well cared for.

The FBI had a child welfare officer present at my arrest and reported to DFCS that Zayne was obviously well taken care of. Despite all of this our DFCS case workers supervisor went above her head and went to a judge to get a falsified removal order signed. The only explanation for this is political persecution. There was a hearing, be we couldn’t afford an attorney for it and my wife couldn’t handle it alone. She was an emotional basket case.
That phone call was the absolutely lowest point on life. I had to stand there wand listen to her screaming that they took her son and it was all my fault. I couldn’t say or do anything I could only listen. I wanted to wrap her up in my arms and assure her that it would all be okay, but I couldn’t. I was helpless.  A few months later she filed for divorce. My entire world had been decimated in a few short months. I was completely defeated.
After all of this I decide I just wanted to get this over and decided to enter a guilty plea. It was completely against my conscience to plead guilty to something that according to the Supreme Law of the Land can’t be a crime, but I had had enough and was ready to move on and prepare for the next fight.
And so here I am in a Federal prison cell at 2 am in the morning on February 23. 203 taking the first steps in my next fight. What is that fight you ask?
I’m going back to our Nations Capital only this time I’m going as an elected official and you my fellow Patriots and Anons are going to help me get there!!!
I know that may sound completely insane but so did our founders when they thought that they would take on and defeat the greatest most powerful army the world had ever seen.
I have a plan. It’s one all of us have already been trained in. Its remarkably simple and entirely doable.
To paraphrase a former President that we all love to hate.
All we have to do is “Believe in the audacity of Hope” WWG1WGA.
Aka Matthew Webler
P.S. Please post this and all my other correspondence with other patriots in one place. I have a lot to say and am trying not to have to say the same thing twice. So collating everything together is important. I have already responded to Adriana from Canada and am in the process of responding to Rick from Maine. Posting all my letters on Truth Social where President Trump could see them would be nice. Maybe someone could create an account called Qrumb’s Correspondence and post them. I’m not allowed to have social media being a Federal prisoner but if someone were to freely choose to post things that come from me there’s nothing they can do to stop it. (I was official told this).
P.S.S. I was Q’ed once. It was nothing earthshattering just simple meme laughing at “Dan the 3 second Man” for missing a 0 delta by 3 seconds yet again. I can’t recall the drop # but it was between August – October of 2020. Q posted 2 memes getting on Dan. Mine was the one with the crying emojis on it. If someone would grab that and associate it with me, I’d greatly appreciate it.
P.S.S.S. Despite everything I have been through you should be able to see in the beginning of this letter that I am in a very good place both physically and emotionally. God has granted me peace, contentment, and happiness. Despite my being in chains, I assure you that I am free. I am freer than I have ever been, and it feels good. However, there are many Patriots in my situation that are not in the same place as me. Please join me in prayer asking God to grant all Patriots the same wonderful gifts He has granted me.
P.S.S.S.S. ………Meme’s!!!!! send Memes. I love them.
Ok that’s enough. I need to stop and get some sleep soi can be effective at work today.
Qrumb signing off
I will write again soon……