David, a wonderful Christian man, was sentence 32 months in prison. His crime: having a fire cracker on the Capitol ground. It was deamed a deadly weapon by the prosecution but an ATF agent testified it is not. The government was asking for a terrorism enhancement but David’s neighbor who is a veteran from the Iraq testified in his favor saying that he knows what terrorism is and J6 was not. The prosecution asked for 90 months. Though we are glad the judge did not give him that much, we know that he does not deserve this sentence.

We hope and pray that David can still have a happy birthday with his family.

We will keep you informed of the jail where he will serve so that you can write him.

David Judd

📬 David Judd
c/o Patriot Mail Project
PO Box 173
King NC 27021

🎂 3/19 🎂

On Home Detention for 712 days.