My name is Kelly Meggs and I am an OATH KEEPER who was recently wrongfully convicted of Seditious conspiracy.
I was reading your letter while watching the movie JACKLE on the tablet. At 1 hour into the movie, they are placing President Kennedy’s body in state in the rotunda and like a ton of bricks the magnitude of our situation. I was standing in that same rotunda on Jan 6th. I felt the pressure of all of this last 2 years against me. Then the very next scene Jackie is walking with a priest. He tells her a parable:
Jesus was walking on a road and on the side of the road was a blind man. Those around him ask who had sinned his parents or him. Jesus answered, neither had sinned. He was born blind so one day Gods power and glory could be seen, and he put mud on his eyes and told him to go wash in the pool of Shiloh. He could see again. Gods glory was shown and his Truth and Gods Glory will be shown, we must be strong and stand as one!!
God Bless all of my j6 brothers across the country. We were set up and we will expose it all.
Kelly Meggs
PA Prisoner #376780

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