September 25 2023 

dear Barbara, 

thank you again for your kind words and continued supporting spiritual message. I’m very sorry, I recently been moved to what they call the special housing unit or shu for short. I’m only allowed very flexible safety pencils which make it hard to write dark or neat. Due to the fact that my thoughts and opinions have made some people sensitive they put a hit on me so I was put here for my protection. Supposedly. 

In the end, resulted in my abilities, my commissary and everything I am allowed to do is now restricted! How are all the evil people that wanted to kill me still out on the compound free to continue their days as they were? I now only get one phone call every 30 days so I have a little less than two weeks before I can utilize that one and only 15 minutes. Call I get next month, I am seriously debating who will take first priority for that call. I’ve been reading a lot more since I’m unable to do anything else. I’ve been reading things from Victor Frank! Also without asking everyone who picks up the book from the library has brought me a few Trump books. I just finished reading “Fire and Fury the Trump white house”. I will be starting shortly a book called Russian roulette. The inside story of Putin’s war on America and the election of Donald trump.

 As far as most people wanting security over Freedom they are delusional because to obtain the facade of what this government calls security they would ultimately be giving up any freedoms we are trying to have. We are delusional to think we can change the way anyone under 30 thinks until we can change the politicians that influence their delusional thought processes. I was also unaware how many athletes have passed. I’m sure almost every person famous that has died in these recent times all received covid vaccines as well. I was born with asthma, got pneumonia very young, smoke cigarettes from 6 to 32, got two cases of toxic lung exposure and we diagnosed at 25 with emphysema and COPD I have not taken any vaccines for covid, work 55 to 70 hours a week but before being put here and fortunately I’ve had not one issue with covid even though I am in the top 1% of risk factors for it. Also received no disability since I have never filed for it because I am much happier working for my money rather than collecting a portion of what I make from the government. I am definitely trying to continue improving myself and anyone around willing to listen daily

. I recently wrote a quote, hope has never been said by anyone. “The only thing they cannot take away is yesterday so live every today to make a yesterday worth remembering”.

I worked lawn care and landscaping before incarceration. I would really like to get the funding when I get out to start my own company when I return to society so I can build something to leave my children. Someday when my day comes. 

Thank you 

thankfully and sincerely,

 Thomas Adams Jr.

Thomas B Adams Jr

📬 Thomas B Adams Jr
FCI Forrest City Low
Federal Correctional Institution
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Forrest City, AR 72336

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Has been serving sentence for 74 days.

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