I had to tell our story and why I became an activist and created J6patriotnews, volunteered for the Patriot Mail Project and worked in the making of the American Gulag Chronicles – Letters from Prison. I also try to minister to J6ers and their families and bring them the hope of Christ. Many are strong Christians, and it is their faith that sustains them. Please join me to pray for them daily.

A “Counter Terrorism Task Force” led by the FBI (all of them wearing masks!) raided our house at dawn on Friday, January 29, 2001, just because my son was in the US Capitol (for only 37 seconds!). He passed a long line of cops who were standing by and who apparently did not even try to keep anyone from entering.

He did not harm anyone, he did not break anything. He obeyed and left when a cop told him to leave. To this day we do not know why he was singled out as the officer did not seem to be bothered by the rest of the crowd meandering in and out of the open door. Another line of cops was also inside that room and stood there watching the crowd peacefully mingling and walking around. There was no fight there whatsoever at that time. There was no massive police intervention then and there either.

Those FBI agents reminded me of the gestapo my parents talked about when I was a kid in France. Tho they were not as brutal, they still followed an order blindly. They would not show us the arrest warrant when we asked for it. We were all corralled into our living room and guarded by one of their agents. I wish I had followed them everywhere, but hindsight is 20/20.

My son actually had his lawyer coordinate with the FBI for an appointment for the upcoming Tuesday to self-surrender. Rather than waiting for this, they decided to make this unnecessary show of force days before the appointment.

They spent hours at our house searching everywhere for “evidence”. They took his work computer, and since he had to be able to resume his important work with StopHate.com, we were forced to buy another one after he was released from jail 21 days later. They took his phone and his MAGA hat as well. His devices still have not been returned and by the time they are they will be obsolete.

They terrorized our family and put us all in handcuffs except me because, being the last one out, I think they may have run out of handcuffs.

Kevin, the lead agent is a rabid leftist. I guess he enjoyed his role in this raid.

America today, my husband’s country of origin and mine by choice, is not like the country I came to in 1981 as a young bride with our first baby.

I will continue to expose the tyranny and unfair treatment J6ers and our families are living under.

Those who rioted at the Capitol recently with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, a radical leftist Muslim, of course will not get the same treatment as J6ers, and we knew that right then when it happened. The left continues to call J6 an insurrection. They have no clue what a real insurrection is and what our rights are according to the Constitution. The predominantly leftist educational system conveniently took the classes that taught the Constitution off the school curriculum. It seems like it is intentional, so people are left ignorant and easy to manipulate. According to the US Constitution, We The People have the right to ask for a redress of their grievances. This was denied to them. The Capitol police made sure of that.

If the million-plus people who were at the Capitol that day had wanted to engage in an insurrection, there were enough ex-military to do it and easily overwhelm any resistance. However, this was no one’s intention. The DOJ and its prosecutors have invented a narrative to try to take down President Trump. This was their goal from the beginning. J6 was a setup. In this sense, J6 was literally a coup – by the LEFT. They know it. We know it. And pretty much, the whole world knows it!

I pray that God will restore our country even though this country kicked him out of schools and slaughtered 60m+ innocent unborn babies. Our country does not deserve his grace. Our country does not deserve his mercy. Therefore, at this very low point in our history, we still need to pray for his forgiveness and unmerited mercy and grace. We need a miracle from Heaven.

Today over 210 J6ers are unjustly incarcerated for from 30 days to 22 years. Meanwhile Antifa, BLM, and Hamas supporters are roaming free, ready to do more damage at any time. They are a protected class!

I’m confident that God will bring justice in his own time.

#freej6ers #freepoliticalprisoners #Justice4J6

Watch this video of Daniel recounting his J6 experience on the Tucker Carlson show.

Because of the unjustified campaign of terror against peaceful patriots, I was inspired to become an activist. Working on this book (The American Gulag Chronicles) has been one of my most significant contributions for this cause. To show your support for J6ers and learn more directly from J6ers from prison, get this powerful historic book.

The American Gulag Chronicles- Letters from Prison