Hi Barbara,

I so appreciate your note & the inspirations – I was raised Catholic. My mom was from Spain – I have tried many of the different religions (all Christian) during my journey – it was during 2020 & Covid when God took me on a different route – a much more personal journey – religion is good & help us in this life – but it’s been created by man to keep us controlled.

Covid & my arrest definitely opened me up & threw me into a spiritual awakening of sorts.

I know that when my world started to crumble it allowed God to come in and really expand my awareness – my consciousness & show me more.  We are so much more than we can imagine – Jesus told us we’d be more powerful & there would come a time. That time is upon us & nothing is happening to me that God won’t use for its Glory – we are spiritual beings here on earth for the human experience.

I understand that fully – I feel God on a level that most can only fathom. So please know as hard as this has been to be unjustly convicted & sitting in prison – it’s also been my most beautiful experience. It’s times like this when nothing makes sense – that we can let go and let God.

Thank you for the letter. The prayers are more powerful than we can even imagine. Our God is so much greater.

We are his children – the light in a dark world. I’m here to step into my light & expose this darkness. I am protected & loved beyond measure these dark forces will never prevail. It is already done.

The truth is coming and our world is about to change.

Again thank you for the letter. I received a few so I’m trying to respond to them all.

Sincerely with Love & Light

Yvonne St Cyr

📬 Yvonne St Cyr
FCI Waseca
Federal Correctional Institution
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Has been serving sentence for 35 days.

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