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The only thing consistent about the DC DOC is the inconsistency! They do pick the mail up 5 days a week, but who knows how often they take it from the jail to the post office.

The Republic vs Democracy trick is an old one. While we are built on Democratic principles, 1 man 1 vote, we are constructed as a republic. A republic has a diffused power structure that reduces the power to have a tyrant. A democracy is 1 vote away from electing a king!

There are two Amendments to the constitution that would cause a man like Benjamin Franklin to spit on the floor. The 14th amendment changed our status from “a people” to “persons”. Persons are corporations, now we compete for rights and privileges equal with corporations? What kind of nonsense is that? Instead of making slaves freemen we made freemen slaves and called them equal.

The 2nd is the 17th amendment, which changed our Republic design, with Senators, being elected by the Legislators of the several states, to have them be elected “By popular vote of the people”, taking us one step closer to a Democracy!

The people are sovereign, but persons are subjects, Americans are generally ignorant of the difference.

“A republic if you can keep it”
~Franklin, does the constitution of the people know how to keep the constitution (written law) of the land, or will we amend ourself to mob rule? Time will tell.

Taylor Johnatakis

Taylor Johnatakis

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Has been serving sentence for 190 days.

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