Dear Barbara Levich,
Thank you so much for continued support. May the Lord Grant you peace and serenity. There is good news for me to share. I am 13 weeks away from going to a halfway house.
Everybody has been so helpful with the PMP and I can’t wait to be on the other side of the wall where I can still make a difference.
I am 42 my birthday is in 6 weeks on April the 23rd. I lost my parents when I was a kid and I have been divorced now for 6 years. A seven year unfortunate waste of time.
I am now going through my mid-life crisis and I asked myself every day if I made a difference.
Someone once said that demons and ghosts are not things that come from the grave but to the contrary. Are the remnants of unfulfilled hopes and dreams from the world of life.
They don’t haunt the living but rather the dead. One’s regrets and broken dreams. The question that is left for us is how many unfinished protests and stories will I leave I behind. The chains we take with us of our creations yet to be given life just like an unborn child.
I believe the ultimate sin is not allowing yourself to open the Gate of Creativity and childlike curiosity enuf to bring our dreams to life.
We are the Creators vessel and our purpose is to allow God to fill us with the liquid of His creative power so we can nourish others and the earth with His will.
They must stand strong against that which attempts to blunt (the) hand of creation.
The world right now is at a crossroad between the notion that if we realize that our purpose is to come together as a family of creative ideas for the notion of cooperation instead of competition no problem will be impossible to solve.
This election is the catalyst that God has given to us to show us clearly how we can come together as a united body. This is WWIII or Armageddon in a sense. Because once we make this choice we will see the ultimate power of God’s hand. The choice is ours.
I remember Kim Clement’s last speech where he said.
When America was founded where was I said the Lord. For I was there by your side when those words were written Under GOD One Nation I was there.
Before Clement died on October 2015 he was adamant that a man would return to the White House that brought GOD back. He said that there would be a man tht prays in the OVAL OFFICE.
People point to the time Trump held a multi-religion prayer in the OVAL OFFICE and signed the Accords with Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Last night during the town hall Q&A someone asked Trum “Do you pray?” and he said yes.
I have no doubt in my mind we will win this battle for the soul of this nation because I refuse to believe that we are inherently evil we may be confused and NOT understanding our true purpose yet but there are so many people who have gotten the idea. Imagine if the world realizes that if we all put our differences aside and localize our resources and efforts that we as a species can make miracles happen in the blink of an eye.
Cure cancer in a year, FIL space travel anything.
I laugh at those who say this or that is impossible. Well life is impossible so for me to exist and have the awareness of existence then that proves to me that the universe was specifically created to manifest thought and the human consciousness was specifically created to be the event horizon between what is and isn’t.
Ryan DBA Shaun Knight
P.S. I am in the home stretch and my F.R.P. is due next week at $25. They charge us rent. If somehow I do not pay it I will be on restriction and my early release until be withdrawn.
– Any donations to my account will help me a lot
– Also we just received news that hundreds of J6’ers were over sentence so I might be one of them.
– Big News Every Day.
God Bless

Narayana Rheiner

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