April 9, 2024


Somehow, your letters are about the only ones making it in to me. The mailroom here has been throwing away my mail… outgoing…incoming…even legal mail..for the whole [nearly] year I’ve been here. I have a fair amount of evidence now, but could use more. If you could, would you send me a log of the dates you’ve sent me letters? And if you don’t have that info, could you please begin logging it? Sorry this letter is short, but I never know which ones will get thrown away randomly, and I’m exhausted with hand-writing out super long 10 page letters that people never get…or maybe I just don’t get their responses. It’s outrageous, really. I might be getting my email & phone back. Not sure if your info is still on the computer here, so could you resend? God bless you. I get encouraged by your letters, and your faithfulness in sending them. I have no idea how you’re getting them to me! Maybe you’re praying the hardest. I haven’t gotten a letter from my parents in months…even though they’ve sent MANY! They just throw them away here.

Thank you,

Pete Schwartz #28815-509

USP Canaan

  1. O. Box 300

Walmart, PA 18472

Peter Schwartz


USP Canaan
U.S Penitentiary
P.O. BOX 300
Waymart, PA 18472

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